Thursday, December 30, 2010

Call to Reform Prostitution Laws

Call to reform prostitution laws

A database of men suspected of attacking sex workers should be introduced as part of a wider review of prostitution laws that could see some restrictions relaxed, police chiefs have said.

Note the operative word, suspected. Not convicted or even charged - just suspected.

Still, I'm sure prostitutes would never lie about such things. Hookers with hearts of gold, each one.

Deputy Chief Constable Simon Byrne, who leads for Acpo on the issue, said the existing laws were overly complex and that it was time for a debate about whether some aspects of the sex trade could be decriminalised.

Of course sex work should be decriminalised. If one party offers to exchange sex for the money of a second party, and these two parties reach their agreement voluntarily, then why on earth does a third party - be it the state or public morality - believe it has the right to intervene in this transaction?

While prostitution is not illegal per se in the United Kingdom, both brothels and street prostitution are, leaving prostitutes with nowhere to go. I say we liberate these women!

There have been long-standing calls for an examination of ideas such as designated red light zones which could improve safety

According to the comments beneath the piece, prostitution is legal and taxed in Germany - in other words, the state acts as pimp.

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