Monday, December 13, 2010

Judge Feels "Great Sympathy" for Child-Killing Mother

Australia water polo player guilty of murdering infant daughter

At the end of a long-running case, Keli Lane, 35, was convicted of killing Tegan Lane just two days after the infant was born in 1996.

Mark Tedeschi, QC, the senior crown prosecutor, claimed Lane had killed the child because she feared the baby would dent her "golden girl" reputation and "undoubtedly put a dent in her overriding sporting ambitions." Ms Lane also had "a very active social and sex life" that she wanted to preserve, he said.

Could somebody explain to me how this is different to getting an abortion?

Seriously, I'm all ears - what exactly is the difference?

Justice Whealy said he had "great sympathy" for Lane. She will be sentenced on Feb 25.

Would these words ever be uttered by a judge in the case that a man killed his newborn child?

It is simply unimaginable.

But, in some way, somehow, the true victim in all this is the mother.

At least, that is what the feminists tell me.

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