Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julian Assange: The Charges

Courtesy of the BBC, we now know the charges against Mr. Assange. Please remember when reading the following that Anna Ardin is a radical feminist bent on getting 'legal revenge' against men. And we should all know what those kind of people get up to.

Used his body weight to hold down Miss A (Anna Ardin) in a sexual manner.

This could describe virtually any act of coitus since time began. It doesn't matter which partner is 'on top', they could fairly be described as 'using their body weight to hold down' the partner 'in a sexual manner.' This is a charge, not of rape, but of sex.

Had unprotected sex with Miss A (Anna Ardin) when she had insisted on him using a condom.

As far as I know, this has not been refuted. So, if this fiery and strong radical feminist was so insistent on him using a condom, why didn't she just tell him 'no' when he refused to wear one? Why did she say, 'well okay then' - on her own admission? Again, this is a charge, not of rape, but of sex.

Molested Miss A (Anna Ardin) "in a way designed to violate her sexual integrity".

Again, this could describe virtually any act of copulation - if it's the kind of thing you go looking for. I'm sure he did 'violate' her. But once more, that makes it a charge, not of rape, but of sex.

Had unprotected sex with Miss W (Sofia Wilén) while she was asleep.

Now, this is a new one - not just that it is an actual charge of rape, but that it hasn't appeared anywhere before. Now it comes up out of the blue.

Five people, including journalist John Pilger, film director Ken Loach and Jemima Khan, the sister of Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith, offered to put up sureties.

But district judge Howard Riddle refused bail for Mr Assange and he was remanded in custody until 14 December.

Judge Riddle said he believed Mr Assange might flee and he also feared he "may be at risk from unstable persons".

Unfortunately, Mr. Assange may be a little too late to avoid the risk from certain unstable persons.

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