Thursday, December 2, 2010

Violence Against Men in India

This is just disgusting. Female violence against men in India. The 'crime' of these men? Boarding a 'female-only' carriage because the other carriages were full. At the end of the video, guards humiliate the men by ordering them to do squats.

This blog exists to catalogue my disgust at the evil and hateful ideology that has given birth to such moral transgressions as we see above, namely, feminism.

It is feminism that has afflicted India and caused scenes like this.

It is feminism, which has insisted that women are so vulnerable and men so violent that the former require their own train carriages.

Yet, what do we see here? Vulnerable women and violent men?

No, it seems to me that those women are perfectly capable of 'protecting' themselves - or perhaps I should say, of violently assaulting and humiliating men who have done nothing wrong.

Can anybody possibly believe that the men are the 'oppressors' here?

After all, it is women who benefit from this segregation, an explicit callback to the days when black Americans were forced to the 'back of the bus' under the threat of violence.

Given the hatred of men that has been stirred up by feminists all over the world for decades on end, it should come as no surprise that we now find men treated the same way.

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