Friday, December 17, 2010

Woman and White Knights Team Up to Torture Man

It tends to be that way, doesn't it?

Former beauty queen jailed for arranging to have her ex-boyfriend kidnapped and tortured

A former beauty queen accused of orchestrating the kidnapping and torturing of her ex-boyfriend has been jailed.

Kumari Fulbright, 28, was sentenced yesterday to two years in prison and six years' probation.

... Fulbright, a University of Arizona law school student, arrested with three men in December 2007 after the ex-boyfriend told police he'd been tied up and kept captive for eight to 10 hours, robbed and tortured.

A former UA law school student and beauty queen was sentenced to two years in prison plus six years' probation for her part in the kidnapping and torture of her former boyfriend.

Fulbright was dating Joshua Conway when she asked him to sell jewellery she was given by her former boyfriend, Robert Ergonis, according to prosecutors.

When Ergonis came back into Fulbright's life, she lied and told Ergonis that Conway had stolen and sold the jewellery.

Fulbright lured Conway to her flat and Ergonis and David Radde jumped him, the prosecutors said.

Another man, Larry Hammond, helped to detain him.

Conway was beaten, cut with a knife and held at gunpoint for hours until he was able to escape.

Life is, like, so unfair.

Why can't empowered grrlz torture men and be celebrated for it? (Well - there is a certain type of person who will always celebrate them for it, of course.)

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