Sunday, December 12, 2010

Woman Blackmails Billionaire

Woman 'blackmailed billionaire for £3m by threatening to tell his wife he made her pregnant'

One of the world’s wealthiest property tycoons was blackmailed by a woman who falsely claimed she was pregnant by him and threatened to tell his wife unless he paid her £3million, a court heard.

Fuk Wu, 39, told the billionaire, who owns several acres of prime real estate in London’s West End, that she would go to the press if he did not pay up, it is claimed.

She also told him that she would ask his wife what she should name the baby unless he either paid her in cash or bought her a luxury flat, jurors were told.

Giving evidence at Southwark Crown Court, the alleged victim said that he had never had sexual relations with her.

Note that the man is referred to as 'the alleged victim' throughout.

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