Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Woman Convicted of Bigamy, Walks Free

Bigamist bride walks free from court after pocketing £5,000 to marry two illegal immigrants in three months

A bigamist bride gave a defiant thumbs-up as she walked away from court after being convicted over a bogus wedding scam.

Aaliyah McPake, 27, earned over £5,000 from an underworld boss to marry two illegal immigrants within three months of each other - allowing them to stay in the UK.

As soon as the ceremonies were over the ‘husbands’ disappeared and are still being hunted across Britain by Home Office officials four years on.

... despite being earlier warned she faced jail, a judge yesterday handed her a suspended sentence after reports claimed she was ‘vulnerable’ and would be ‘unable to cope with prison.’

Oh, that's rich. I suppose all those male prisoner suicides were coping just fine.

No, she has avoided jail because she's a woman, and women are like pretty little flowers who can't possibly handle anything like facing up to the consequences of their criminal actions.

Here's the little petal:

Above: Aaliyah McPake, who played the Pussy Pass and avoided imprisonment

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