Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Young Men with Fathers Do Better

Teenagers without parental role model are 67% less likely to get a job

Young men with no male role models in their lives ... struggle to keep their lives on track, a hard-hitting report warns today.

The Prince’s Trust youth index, the largest survey of its kind, found that young people without a positive figure of the same gender are 67 per cent more likely to be unemployed than their counterparts.

They are also significantly more likely to stay unemployed for longer than their peers, the report suggests.

It found that young men with no male role model are 50 per cent more likely to abuse drugs ...

Young people who have no positive figure of the same gender are also statistically much more likely to feel suicidal than those who do ...

Nearly one in five young men with no father figure or positive male influence said they used illegal drugs, compared to one in ten with a male role model ...

Young men with no male role model to look up to were twice as likely to turn or consider turning to crime as a result of being unemployed.

The report, which was based on interviews with 2,170 16 to 25-year-olds, revealed that one in three young men and almost a quarter of young women have no positive figure to look up to. It found that this was likely to impact significantly on their mental well-being and their outlook on life.

One in four young people say they lack a sense of identity.

However, this increases to more than one in three for young men without a positive male influence.

These young men are also three times more likely to feel down or depressed all of the time and significantly more likely to admit that they cannot remember the last time they felt proud.

They are also significantly less likely to feel happy and confident than those with male role models, according to the figures.

The Prince’s Trust report, which was carried out by YouGov, suggests young people without male role models are more than twice as likely to lack a sense of belonging.

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