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Child Abuse

Female Sex Offenders - Female Sexual Predators
Sexual abuse by women of children and teens is a subject most parents and caregivers are not familiar with. Female sexual predators go unreported because of a lack of awareness by the public.
86% of the victims of female sexual predators aren't believed, so the crimes go unreported and don't get prosecuted.

13/10/06 Frenchwoman 'killed her babies'
The bodies of two of Veronique Courjault's babies were found in a freezer at her home in South Korea, where she had lived with her husband. She said she disposed the body of the first child by burning it in the fireplace of her home.

21/07/08 Hols Mum Charged With Baby Death
Police found the dead child in the room with sheets around its neck and covering its face. A coroner's report concluded the child had died of asphyxiation.

03/10/08 Mother Is Held After Boy's Death
"Emergency services were called to an address in Knight's Croft at 5.30am, where the body of a young boy was discovered. A woman has been arrested and is in hospital in a critical but stable condition. There is an investigation ongoing."

11/09/09 Michigan Mom Found Long-Lost Son Online, Raped Him
Michigan police say a 35-year-old mother used the Internet to track down the son she gave up for adoption a decade ago, seducing and raping the teenage boy when she found him after an online search.

19/02/10 Woman Arrested After Toddler Found Dead
A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the body of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl was found at a house in Yorkshire.

15/03/10 Mother Massacre: Celine Lesage Murdered Six Newborns, Kept Bodies in Plastic Bags
Asked if the babies were stillborn or born alive, she responded simply, "They were alive."

30/04/10 Woman Held Over Child Deaths In House Blaze
A 23-year-old woman has been arrested by police investigating a fire at a house in Buxton in which two young children died.

30/07/10 French Baby Killer
A Frenchwoman confessed to suffocating eight of her newborn babies and hiding their bodies.

06/08/10 Dads not the Demons in Child Abuse
Natural parents were responsible for 37% of total cases of child abuse. Of these, mothers are identified as the perpetrator of neglect or abuse in 73% of cases, including over 50% of cases of physical abuse.
This newly available information demonstrates that while there are some abusive fathers, there are in fact a larger proportion of violent and abusive mothers.

06/08/10 Dead Babies Found In Suitcases In Dutch Attic
A Dutch woman has been arrested on suspicion of killing four of her babies and hiding their bodies in suitcases in an attic.

23/08/10 Woman Caught On CCTV Dumping Kitten In Bin
The attack happened at 7.55pm on Saturday and the kitten was trapped for nearly 16 hours before she was dicovered by the Manns who were heading out for Sunday lunch.

28/09/10 Woman Held After Body Of Baby Girl Found
A 25-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the discovery of a baby's body in a Greater Manchester garden.

20/11/10 Woman Arrested Over Baby Girl Murder
A woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the death of an 11-month-old baby girl.

01/12/10 Grandmother Throws Toddler to Her Death at Mall
They were walking to the parking garage, when for some reason the woman picked up tiny little Angelyn Ogdoc and threw her over the side of the walkway six stories down to the cold, hard ground below.

14/12/10 I still love him, 'child killer' tells trial of boyfriend on paedophile charges
What she failed to explain was that shortly after Smith was arrested on child sex charges last May, she was in a Costa Brava hotel room with the little girl and her baby brother lying dead on the bed beside her.

21/12/10 Mother of two, 26, is jailed after being caught naked in bed with 14-year-old schoolboy lover
(The article does not mention the word 'rape,' of course; the victim of statutory rape, in this instance, is male, and the perpetrator is female, so he is referred to as her 'lover' rather than her 'victim.')

28/12/10 Mother gives birth in airport toilet, strangles the baby, dumps its corpse in a bin... then catches flight out
A woman gave birth in an airport toilet before strangling the newborn baby and dumping its tiny corpse in a rubbish bin.
The woman allegedly severed the baby boy's umbilical cord with her bare hands and strangled him with a cloth before dumping him.

31/12/10 Mother and daughter accused of molesting teen boy for three years, police say
A mother and daughter in Arizona are accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy for three years and police say the pair did it without knowing about each other’s relationship with him.

31/12/10 Police Believe Child Was Killed With Welding Torch
Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, stands charged with capital murder. Many veteran homicide investigators are struggling with the notion of such a grisly and painful way to die. Officers believe sexual abuse was behind the crime.

13/01/11 A Reader Reveals the Horror of Feminist Upbringing
"My mother is a heavy smoker and an alcoholic, but her strongest addiction is to the hatred of all men. As a professional Feminist academic in women’s studies, she knew exactly how to crush ther personalities of her four boys in order to produce the utopian Feminist servile man-bot. All of us were emotionally abused, and the three youngest (11, 12, and 13 years old at the time) were sexually abused also."

25/01/11 And All Women are Potential Child Abusers, Too - John Hembling
Nobody likes to talk about rape when its committed by women. Some apologists for feminist theory will condescend to explain that women cannot commit rape because they lack the requisite protuberant sexual appendage. This is a nonsense argument, rape is a crime of violence and imposed control, and can, and often does employ foreign objects such as bottles, brush handles and so on.

26/01/11 Babysitter charged with sexually abusing one-year-old in her care and sending video footage to Marine boyfriend in Afghanistan
Inez Carmaneesh Mon Lambert, 24, from Portland, Oregon, is charged with seven counts each of serious sexual assault, first-degree sex abuse and using a child in the display of sexually-explicit conduct.

29/01/11 'They never saw it coming': Mother shot her two teenage children twice in the head 'for being mouthy'
Police said the woman, whose husband is serving in the U.S. military in Qatar, had shot and killed her son on the way to football practice 'because he talked back'. She then drove to her home and shot her daughter first in the back of the head, then once in the face, as she was on the computer.

02/02/11 'Mummy, don't': Woman kills her only daughter, 12, after boyfriend says, 'It's the child or me'
The heartless mother ignored her terrified daughter's cries of 'Mummy, don't!' as she pinned her down and wrapped a rope around her neck, prosecutor Paul Scovi said.
She then drove to a nearby river and pulled her daughter's trousers partly off to make it look as if she was the victim of a sex attack, before rolling her into the water.

03/02/11 Baby whose mother strapped him in front of fire for three days died after social services missed 17 chances to save him
A baby was found dead in his pushchair in front of a blazing gas fire – his body charred and burned. He had faeces on his hands, legs and buggy, had severe nappy rash and had bruising on his head and body.

06/02/11 Female high school teacher accused of having sex with FIVE pupils in just five months
Schuler, of Springboro in Dayton, Ohio, faces up to 81 years in jail if she is convicted of 16 counts of sexual battery and three offences involving an underage person.

07/02/11 Grandmother dies 'of a broken heart' weeks after her daughter smothers two children
Melanie Stevens, 36, suffocated her young sons, Philip, five, and Isaac, two, before killing herself.

07/02/11 Mother-of-four, 30, who was jailed for having sex with boy, 13, is found dead at home
In April 2008 Webster was handed a 12-month sentence suspended for two years after she admitted sexual activity with a child.

08/02/11 Female gym teacher accused of sex acts with football players
A Warren County grand jury on Friday indicted Stacy Schuler of Springboro on 16 counts of sexual battery, a third-degree felony; and three misdemeanor counts of offenses involving underage persons.

08/02/11 Maryland teacher is charged with choking, punching first-graders
"All of the victims described being choked by the suspect," detectives wrote in the arrest records. "Some of the students, in addition to being choked, stated they were kicked, punched, scratched or had their arms squeezed tightly by Susan Burke."

09/02/11 After 54 Years, Wis. Woman Charged In Baby's Death
The case is proceeding now because of James Klokow Jr. The 55-year-old went to police with stories of his mother regularly beating him, choking him and kicking him in the legs with steel-toed boots so often that he still has knee problems. He spoke of his mother breaking his arm and nose. He said she once forced him to stay in the basement for so long that he quenched his thirst by lapping water from the floor. He also described his mother covering the head of his mentally challenged younger brother with a bag and striking the wailing boy's toes one by one with a hammer.
But despite the physical torture, James Klokow told investigators, one of the worst pains he endured was his mother blaming him for his 7-month-old sister's death.

09/02/11 'Britain's worst mother' abandons children for penniless Tunisian waiter... AGAIN!
A woman labelled Britain's 'worst mother' after abandoning her two children to marry a penniless Tunisian waiter she met over the internet has returned to North Africa.

14/02/11 Baby left in car during tanning session
Police were called after a bystander saw Agerenza leave the child and they arrived to find the baby had almost wriggled out of her car seat and had vomited on herself.

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