Friday, December 3, 2010

False Rape Claim Woman Jailed

Woman who had drunken sex session with three men is jailed for crying rape

Yet another one of these. At least judges in the United Kingdom are actually taking action in recent years by jailing these despicable women - though usually for not nearly long enough. Rape liar Sabrina Johnson, as featured in this story, has been sentenced for only one year.

Oh, and the reason she falsely cried rape, putting three innocent men through hell?

She was late for work.

The investigation continued until one of the men involved came forward with a voice recording that he had made on his on his mobile phone of Johnson consenting to the sex game.

... it was only thanks to the mobile phone voice recording that the men were cleared.

If not for this evidence, three totally innocent men could have gone to prison and have spent the rest of their lives carrying around the stigma of 'rapist'.

Thankfully, none of the accused men have been named publicly - suggesting once again that the Coalition Government's recently scrapped motion to grant anonymity to men accused of rape was, in fact, a fair and just proposal.

Above: Sabrina Johnson, rape liar

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