Friday, December 3, 2010

Separation of Church and State?

A divorced father from Indiana has had his child custody and visitation time slashed - because of his religion.

Divorced father loses custody of his three children 'because he's agnostic'

Craig Scarberry, of Indianapolis, Indiana, had shared equal custody of his three young children with his former wife, a practising Christian, for four years.

Then last month a judge ruled the Navy veteran's visitation time be limited to four hours each week and custody reduced to once every other weekend.

Mr Scarberry said the only possible reason he can find in the ruling for the judge's decision is his comment that 'the father did not participate in the same religious training as the mother... father was agnostic.'

The ruling also stated: 'When the father considered himself a Christian, the parties were able to communicate relatively effectively.'

Mr Scarberry's agnosticism did not effect his relationship with his children, as was proved in court:

'We were able to show that in no way, shape, or form do my personal beliefs and decisions reflect onto the children at all.'

Of all the ridiculous justifications given for marginalising fathers, this is surely one of the most chilling. The message sent out is that men are not permitted to change or question their own opinions, and will be penalised for doing so.

He has now successfully applied for a permit to stage an equal rights protest outside the government office in Madison County, Indianapolis, on December 16.

If anyone is in this part of the world, please consider joining this protest.

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  1. "an equal rights protest outside the government office in Madison County, Indianapolis, on December 16."


    The city of Indianapolis is situated in Marion County, Indiana. . .

    Yes, I can vouch for that, having lived there for nearly a year at one point in my life....

    I suppose next somebody will write a book called "The Bridges of Marion County". ;)

    Oh, great work on the blog! I will post about it and link! :)