Friday, December 10, 2010

Feminist Comment of the Week - 10th December 2010

A distraught feminist. says:

So I'm wicked because I happen to be a feminist? I loved your strawman too. No, I'm not some hag that wants some inverse of the current oppressive patriarchy(it hurts men too!) I want men and women to be equal and free to be who they are instead of their roles dictated by the patriarchy.

Why do you hate women so much? Feminism is working to free us and by extension, you men. I find your attitudes saddening. You're privileges will hurt you, please stop.



  1. Cry me a river. Over 43 million dead by abortion from the feminazi hag-stablishment. Radical feminism (esp victim feminism) is a narcissitic personality disorder at best. As a woman, I am deeply ashamed of these idiots who expect to be in a protected class while they behave like two year olds.

  2. Sorry that was supposed to read 53 million.

  3. I always wonder, how many of those 53 million dead children would have grown to be the great leaders we so sorely lack in today's world?