Thursday, December 16, 2010

Feminist Fascism in Sweden

From Swedish Dad at The Anti-Feminist:

Sweden prides itself with being “the most equal” country in the world, but it´s all a big scam. Over 5000 men , while only 294 women are serving jailtime( KVV 2009). The Swedish government are jailing men for violence or sex crimes against women and children without any proof at all. One member of the supreme court has stated publicly that “If we can keep the number of innocent that are convicted under 500 a year, we should be happy”. This would mean that over a 1000 men (one fifth) of all imprisoned men are innocently locked up at the moment. In the international statistics of convicted for rape, Sweden is number two, after Lesotho in Africa. Still the feminist state is not content. So now they are proposing a law that would outlaw sex without a written contract. No I am not joking. I wish I was, believe me.

At the same time the custody fights have doubled in the last ten years. Over 7000 children a year are now being forced to experience their parents tearing each other to shreds in the family courts and the fathers are almost always destined to loose. At the same time the authorities totally denies any illegal discrimination. Even though several Swedish district courts (ex Lund, and Jönköping) have been found giving single custody to the mothers in 100 % of all custody fights, they still totally deny any illegal discrimination.

You just have to compare how many complaints that have been made, with the number of times anyone have been convicted. The authority in Sweden that handles this is DO (diskrimineringsombudsmannen).

Many of the men ending up in jail are fathers that tried to stand up for their rights to see their children after a divorce.

Over 300 000 Swedish children now see their father 2 days every two weeks or less. If they are lucky enough to see him at all. People that are trying to protest and speak up about this gross injustice are being harassed and persecuted. Very few people dare anymore.

This is the truth about the “Equal” state of Sweden. But just parts of it. The “victims” lawyer Claes Borgström is a political puppet. He got the former prime minister candidate Mona Sahlin freed from charges of fraud in the 90´s, and after that he became in charge of “JÄMO” former “bureau of equality”.

But when the Swedish government talk about equality they mean feminism. In Sweden these two words are now one and the same. How corrupt Claes Borgström really is was revealed by Swedish journalist Hannes Råstam last year when he made a documentary i two parts about Thomas Quick. Swedens first real “serial killer”. Convicted of 8 murders. It turned out though that he never committed a single one of them. He was just a mentally ill man high on drugs, that happily confessed to everything as long as they kept feeding him his drugs.

His lawyer was Claes Borgström. [Moderator: this comment has been edited] Any sane democracy would make that conclusion after what he have done. But Sweden is no longer a sane democracy. It is a feminist banana republic with a judicial system that makes even the Iranian look pretty ok.

Who am I? A swedish dad that have been denied my human right to see my daughter for 5 years this christmas, without any justification at all. She will be 6 years old the 17 of december. Just another one of the thousands of swedish children that are beeing violently torn from their fathers each year. You really want to know about swedish justice? Make sure you can handle the smell.

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  1. Hi, you're article is very interesting. I'm looking for information about Sweden's proposal to create a contract for sex. Do you know where I could find it?