Thursday, December 16, 2010

Young Women in UK Reverse Pay Gap

Women in their twenties smash glass ceiling to reverse pay gap

Remember, in feminist speak, when women do better than men (due to artificial measures that tilt the playing field in their favour), it is 'equality' or 'parity'. The most men can expect is more discrimination in the form of mockery.

British women in their twenties have smashed the glass ceiling and are now being paid more than their male counterparts – reversing the traditional "gender gap" in pay for the first time. This is the only age group for which this is true.

The social revolution taking place among the nation's twentysomethings is being driven by a rise in the number of women attending university and their subsequent entry into the better paid professions, notably the law: around 63 per cent of solictors under the age of 30 are female.

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