Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Violence Against Men in India

As I reported recently, feminists have secured so much control over men in India that they are effectively subjected to arbitrary rule, and the slightest thing a woman finds objectionable in a man's conduct may be cause for his imprisonment, his intentions being utterly irrelevant.

The very first post on this blog contains a video of this arbitrary rule in action - as always, it is the white knights who actually deliver the violence on behalf of women.

Here we have another case of a man boarding a woman's train carriage - by mistake, he didn't actually realise, but men's intentions don't matter in India - and a white knight cop rushing to literally hospitalise him for the offence this caused women.

Yes, you read that right. The man had the audacity to step onto the 'wrong' train car, and for that sin he was chucked off the moving train and put in hospital.

It all reminds me of the segregation era in the United States - you know, when black people and white people were forced to use separate facilities.

Despite that idiot Yoko Ono's proclamation that women (the most privileged class in the Western world for centuries) are the "nigger(s) of the world," that parallel doesn't really fit, does it, since it is men who are being beaten up, humiliated and hospitalised for stepping onto the wrong carriage.

It's certainly not women who are being told where they don't belong.

Let's face it - woman is the cracka of the world.

Constable 'throw' passenger out of moving train

A man was allegedly thrown out of a speeding train by a constable for boarding the ladies compartment and is now recuperating in hospital.

Bishnu Basak, the injured passenger, said that after boarding the train at Samudragarh station, he was accosted by the constable who asked him why he had boarded the ladies compartment.

"I apologised to him saying I did not realise it was a ladies compartment as the train was leaving when I reached the platform and I was in a hurry. He then asked for my ticket. When I showed it to him, he snatched it and kicked me out of the moving train," Basak said.

Locals rushed him to a nearby hospital from where he was moved to the SSKM Hospital here late in the night. He was then shifted to the Sambhunath Pandit Hospital where he is now admitted.

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