Saturday, December 4, 2010

Musical Misandry from The Like

From today's Times magazine supplement:

The one-page article itself, from what I gather from skimming over it, does not elaborate on this group's 'boy bashing'. So I did a little research of my own, and found some rather intriguing lyrics.

The following is from the first track on their album released this year. The song is entitled 'Wishing He Was Dead'.

If I could kick his head in, fickle little boyfriend, I'd be satisfied
If I could smack some sense into his senses, I might feel alright

If I could snap that neck, that broken record trainwreck
I might feel okay

I have to wonder how it would go down for a group to be celebrated in The Times for 'writing brilliant black-bashing pop songs', or 'brilliant homo-bashing pop songs', or, most offensive of all, 'brilliant girl-bashing pop songs'.

For those who think nothing of this kind of thing, you must keep in mind that men and boys are the only groups remaining who may acceptably be targeted by this kind of thing. This no doubt seeps into our cultural consciousness, and is an explanation as good as any for the kind of violence seen here.

Not that I expect The Like to realise any of this. They're just silly girls writing bad lyrics for whom man-bashing is just good, clean fun. Detractors might add that all The Like are doing with these lyrics is reflecting in song feelings widely held by women. I do not deny this, but it does make a lot of women appear to be rather bigoted if it is the case.

Really, it's not too different from the lyrics of the more explicitly feminist band Bikini Kill, who operated in the 1990s and came up with misandric (and racist, too - that's twice the prejudicial fun!) gems like the following:

White boy...........don't laugh....
.........don't cry........Just die!

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