Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fighting Feminism

Site last updated: 06/03/11

Welcome to an archive of material set perpetually to grow. My name is Legion, and I am your illustrious host. On this blog you shall find links, many links, from all around the globe, detailing the abuses that feminism has brought to bear against men, all neatly categorised for your perusal.

This is intended for the use of MRAs and anti-feminists in writing their own articles or simply evidencing their claims. For instance, if you need a dozen examples of recent false rape accusations, just click on the 'false accusations' link down there, and the list will appear. The categories linked below are further split up into sub-headings, e.g. in the case of false accusations: evidence for the false accusation epidemic, then evidence for feminists attempting to expand the term 'rape,' then news reports of actual cases of false accusations are listed.

I hope this is of assistance to you. Please do leave any links you think should be included in the comments section of any post and I will add them.

Child Abuse - Last updated 14/02/11

Divorce - Last updated 07/02/11

Domestic Violence - Last updated 10/02/11

Education Gap - Last updated 14/02/11

False Accusations - Last updated 06/03/11

Fatherhood - Last updated 18/01/11

Female Entitlement - Last updated 25/01/11

Female Violence - Last updated 06/03/11

Feminist Jurisprudence - Last updated 05/02/11

Legal Choice For Men (LC4M) - Last updated 26/02/11

Net Neutrality - Last updated 10/02/11

Pay Gap - Last updated 06/03/11

Pedohysteria - Last updated 26/02/11

Sexual Harassment

Suicide - Last updated 14/02/11

The Dark Feminine - Last updated 06/03/11