Tuesday, December 7, 2010

False Rape Accuser Jailed for Six Months

Girl, 16, who cried rape after cheating on boyfriend is jailed for six months

A teenage girl was locked up for six months today for crying rape - after she lied to stop her boyfriend finding out she'd cheated on him.

The 16-year-old girl made up the rape allegation after going home for sex with innocent Alex Lewis, 20, on a night out.

She lied to police that she was abducted, attacked and forced to perform a sex act during a violent assault by three men.

It led to Mr Lewis being arrested and held in custody for 36 hours. He spent two months on bail until the girl confessed it was all lies.

I am glad that she has been jailed - though not nearly for long enough.

What I find truly offensive is the following:

The girl, whose name cannot be revealed for legal reasons ...

A judge yesterday ordered the girl should not be named - even though three innocent men she accused of rape were identified in court.

There was a proposal, this year, from the Coalition government, to grant anonymity to men accused of rape.

The feminist lobby quashed it.

So, while it's fine to name and shame innocent men, criminals who happen to be female, such as the disgusting little liar in this story, retain their anonymity.

The trio, all aged 20, were arrested, quizzed and forced to give ‘intimate’ samples during their ‘terrifying’ ordeal after the girl's false claims.

But she will not even be named.

Even the judge who granted her anonymity admitted the following:

‘False allegations of rape can have dreadful consequences to the men concerned.

‘For innocent men to be confronted with an allegation like that, held in custody for 36 hours and subjected to intrusive medical examinations is a terrible experience.'

The prosecution at least called for her to be named. In response, the judge - having apparently already forgotten that she is a criminal and should be duly punished, for the sake of the men she victimised and potential future victims - said that

‘the long-term need for rehabilitation’ meant she should be given anonymity.

The defence claimed that

‘She should not be labelled for the rest of her life within the close community.’

And yet, the men who were entirely innocent, and victimised by her malicious lies, will now be labelled rapists for the rest of their lives. A simple Google search will turn up their names in connection with this horrid accusation. A Criminal Records Bureau check will show that they have been accused of rape.

They will have to live with the consequences of this, for the rest of their lives.

She gets off scot-free, after a short prison spell of which she can expect to serve half.

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