Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Female Czech MPs Take Their Jobs Very Seriously

After decades of campaigning for the right to vote, women are now free to run for office and attain the highest positions of governmental authority, so that they can strike sultry poses on the taxpayer's dime.

Female Czech MPs pose for calendar

The 2011 calendar features four women MPs from the Public Affairs party wearing little in the way of clothing in a series of images that dispatch the traditional image of staid and serious parliamentarians. The country returned its highest ever number of women MPs at the last general election.

Two other women, one the party's candidate for the mayor of Prague, make up the numbers, with each politician photographed twice for the calendar, which will be sold for charity.

"We want to draw attention to the fact that we have women in politics," said MP Lenka Andrysova, who appears in one shot in a thigh-high dress kneeling on a shelf.

Katerina Klasnova, the 32-year-old deputy speaker for the lower house of the Czech parliament, is photographed lying on a bed wearing a loose-fitting robe ...

"Women's political influence is growing. Why not show we are women who aren't afraid of being sexy?" said Marketa Reedova, Public Affair's 42-year-old candidate for the Prague mayor's office.

Filed under female entitlement, because the most important task imaginable - running a country - is just a lark to these women. If they truly understood the seriousness of their position, they would not be treating it like a reality television show.

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