Friday, December 17, 2010

More on Ruby Thomas's Homophobic Attack

More on this story.

Public schoolgirl who turned killer: Drunk teen's homophobic attack on stranger in Trafalgar Square

Ruby Thomas, 17, launched a savage attack on Ian Baynham, 62, simply because he was holding hands with another man.

In scenes likened to the ultra-violent film A Clockwork Orange, the drunken teenager lashed out at the defenceless man in front of horrified tourists, screaming ‘******* faggots’ at Mr Baynham and his friend Philip Brown.

When her friend Joel Alexander, 18, punched Mr Baynham to the ground, Thomas grinned as she stamped on the victim’s face ‘with all her might’, kicking him repeatedly with ‘great gusto’, before leaving him to die on the pavement.

Minutes after the attack, the killers were seen running off and entering a lift giggling and dancing as their friend Rachael Burke, 17, calmly reapplied her make-up.

The next day Thomas, who had attended the £12,000-a-year Sydenham High School For Girls, bragged about her argument ‘with some ****’ on Facebook. She joked about his death, writing ‘ha, ha, ha’ in a message to a friend asking about the killing.

These women are precisely the result of feminism.

They even killed a man - the ultimate feminist dream.

Don't believe me that this is a 'liberated woman'?

She came from a comfortable home and had an expensive education.

Primary school photos show Ruby Thomas as a happy little girl, smiling shyly for the camera in her pink uniform.

But as she grew older, her photo album changed from showing a sweet youngster to a teenager in provocative poses that were trashy, brash and displayed an aggressive sexuality.

Shots taken by friends of Thomas at her home in Crystal Palace, South London, show her pouting suggestively in short skirts and revealing tops, posing in front of her bedroom wall covered with graffiti scrawl.

But if the images are depressing, the words that appeared alongside them on her Facebook page the day after her brutal homophobic attack on Ian Baynham are truly shocking.

One of her friends wrote: ‘Remember the gay man you beat up? Joel knocked him out. He had a heart attack. Ha ha ha.’

Above: Ruby Thomas, homophobe, killer and sexually liberated, violent feminist heroine.

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