Thursday, December 30, 2010

Penguin Island Men Drown Saving Their Wives

Sandbar victims 'drowned saving their wives'

How does this story fit into the feminist narrative, I wonder? Perhaps they were only trying to save their wives so that they could continue to 'oppress' them? Must be it. Couldn't be that these brave men sacrificed their lives for the people they love. Nah.

The two Indian men who drowned near Penguin Island were trying to save their wives by holding them up to keep their heads above the treacherous surf when they died, according to a friend.

Ravi Relangi said the two couples - Pavan Ganasala and his wife Aruna, and Praveen Kumar Shiva and his wife Madhavi, all aged in their 30s - had followed other people who were crossing the 800-metre sandbar that linked the island to the mainland near Rockingham.

"The water was knee-high but it was so windy they can't see the way. They can't see where it is (the sandbar) and slowly gone into the deep," he said.

"They tried to save their wives by pushing them up and they drowned."

He said neither man could swim very well and there were "no warning signs" that properly told them about the dangers.

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