Sunday, December 5, 2010

Suzanne Moore on the Assange Allegations

Writing an opinion piece for the Daily Mail, Suzanne Moore has the following to say about the accusations made against Julian Assange:

He has not been charged with rape and sees this as a smear campaign against him. Unfortunately, his defenders refuse to see that he may have to answer these allegations. They are not helping by vilifying the women who have complained about him.

On the contrary, if Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén have made false and malicious allegations - as many of us believe they have - then they absolutely should be vilified, on the same grounds that anyone who makes a malicious accusation should be vilified.

Indeed it’s difficult to get a clear picture of the complaints by two women he had sex with in Sweden in August. Their statements are in Swedish, have parts missing and have also been ‘redacted’.

The sex appears to have been consensual, though his refusal to use condoms was not.

Unfortunately for feminists the world over, refusing to wear condoms and having consensual sex does not yet come under the 'rape umbrella'.

Give it time.

For now, he is apparently being charged with 'sex by surprise,' which opens an enormous can of worms by not being the same as rape. If, for instance, a man wakes up to find that his girlfriend is fellating him, can he get her charged with 'sex by surprise'? Would this even constitute 'rape'? One can hardly say that consent was involved.

His behaviour looks bad rather than illegal but who really knows?


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