Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swedish Woman Makes False Rape Accusations for Money

No, it's not Anna Ardin or Sofia Wilen - at least as far as we know. This story is from August 2010.

Britons 'trapped in false rape sting by blonde Swede on Greek island’

Men have been warned to be on their guard after the 26-year-old woman claimed a total of €800,000 (£666,315) in insurance after lodging allegations of rape on the island of Kos.

It is believed that her victims include at least four Britons, according to a lawyer representing one of the falsely accused.

An international hunt involving Greek and Swedish police and Interpol has failed to find the woman, described as an attractive blonde.

Ross Mitchell, a teacher from Nottinghamshire, met his accuser in Kos in June 2008. He was jailed and forced to pay £2,000 bail before the case collapsed because the woman fled the country. He is still waiting for the money to be returned.

He met her in Kardamena, a busy resort popular with young Britons.

It is believed Mr Mitchell was working in a bar when they met. She claimed he tried to rape her in her hotel room.

Mr Mitchell, who denied all allegations, was arrested, charged and held in custody while police investigated.

In her initial complaint, she said she could identify him only from the smell of his sweat and his hairstyle.

She then fled to her native Sweden and failed to attend a subsequent magistrates’ court hearing. It is believed that she denies the allegation of making false claims.

According to the Greek media, she was involved in “organised fraud” and was “fabricating charges of being raped so that she could draw large amounts of insurance as compensation”.

Mr Mitchell was freed on bail before the case was formally dropped. His lawyer, Alcybiades Hajantonis, said Swedish authorities disclosed that she had pulled the scam on at least three other occasions, claiming €200,000 (£166,500) each time.

Mr Mitchell said yesterday he was “stunned” to be told that the woman was a serial con artist. He said: “I had no idea there were allegations she had done this to other men.”

His father, Les, said the case had been a “nightmare” for his son.

“Being a teacher he doesn’t really want all this publicised,” he said. “Even a false accusation can ruin a career. It’s certainly affected him.

“The whole thing was a load of rubbish from start to finish, but the police took it seriously and he ended up in jail. Then they let her slip through their fingers and disappear and as far as I’m aware haven’t been able to catch her since.”

Mr Hajantonis, who is based on Kos, said: “We have been trying to find the accuser so she can sign acceptance of the court decision so Mr Mitchell can get back his bail money.

“In the process, I contacted Interpol and Swedish police to find her, only to be informed that she has made three similar rape claims and earned an additional €600,000 in compensation. Swedish authorities cannot find her and we still can’t get back the bail money. She obviously does this on a systematic basis”.

Greek police said there appeared to be an increasing number of false rape claims at Greek holiday resorts.

They blamed the notoriety that British holidaymakers had developed for getting drunk and raping or sexually assaulting women.

A police spokesman said: “This may be yet another case of a woman claiming rape to get compensation, because British men are so often arrested on such charges.”

This story is strangely in contrast to everything that feminists have told me about women - that they are poor, innocent victim-angels who would never do a thing like lie about rape.

Clearly, the article must be misogynistic.

After all, telling the truth about women is what passes for misogynistic these days.

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