Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When Facts Meet Feelings, Prepare for Female Tears

The City star banned from fashion website after shocked readers complain about her stick-thin frame

Fact: Allie Crandell is a model who looks like this:

Feelings: Women were very upset about this.

Outcome: Allie Crandell has been banned.

Apparently, when a woman looks like herself, it is demeaning to women.

The City star Allie Crandell has been banned from a popular American fashion retailer after readers complained about her skinny frame.

Revolve clothing featured Crandell on their online boutique looking painfully thin as she models a collection by BCBG Max Azria.

One image in particular showing her tiny waist and arms sparked outrage among shoppers.

Outrageous ... outrageous! How dare she be skinnier than me. Tear her to pieces.

One shopper wrote: 'As a normal, healthy woman with a healthy body type. How can I possibly imagine what this dress would look like on me when it is shown on an emaciated frame?'

If Allie is really so emaciated and (as is implied) unattractive, why all the foaming jealousy and hatred?

And come on, we all know what it means when women describe themselves as having 'a healthy body' ...

Revolve have promised not to feature Crandell on their site until she puts on weight.

The spokesperson said: 'We are working closely with both the model and her agent to get her to a healthier size.

'She won't be appearing in any of our new product batches or in any of our fashion editorial photos moving forward until the issue is adequately addressed.

'We have been attempting to respect the privacy of the model in question while dealing with the issue on our end.'

Healthier size? Right. Because of complaints by people who insist that "you're only as fat as you feel" and "you shouldn't judge women by their weight" and "you can't tell someone's health by their weight."

If I didn't know better, I'd say there's a war against skinny girls.

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