Monday, December 6, 2010

Witch Attacks Computer; Man Arrested

Facebook rage: Woman fed up with boyfriend's constant use smashed laptop with a broom

A woman was so fed-up with her boyfriend's Facebook obsession that she smashed his laptop with her broomstick.

Kimberley Hall used the handle of her brush to damage Bruce Yates’s computer after complaining that he used to too much to view the social networking site.

Several keys were sent flying across their house in Gloucester and the incident sparked a row which led to Mr Yates, 32, being convicted of assault by beating.

Woman instigates violence, cops show up and arrest the man. Move on, people. Nothing new or unusual to see here.

The father-of-four was initially given a 12-week suspended jail term.

But today the conviction was quashed by Gloucester Crown Court after he won an appeal.

Judge Michael Longman ruled there was not enough evidence be sure beyond reasonable doubt that any unlawful force was used by Mr Yates during the incident.

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