Saturday, December 4, 2010

Woman Found Guilty of Rape

Wait, what's this? I have always been told by feminists that it is only men who rape, and that women cannot possibly perform such a heinous act.

Nurse guilty of raping another woman in Brisbane hotel toilets

A NURSE has been found guilty of raping another woman in the toilets at one of Brisbane's most popular hotels.

A District Court jury in Brisbane took 13 hours to convict Anne-Marie O'Loughlin, 25, on two counts of digital rape and one of deprivation of liberty at the Caxton Hotel, near the CBD, on November 29 last year.

I have to admit, I am not at all familiar with the concept of digital rape.

But then, there are so many types of rape these days, it is difficult to keep track of them all.

Sometimes I get all nostalgic, with a tear in my eye, thinking back to the time when rape simply referred to nonconsensual sex!

Now it refers to so many different things beyond this, I'm not really sure what to make of the whole thing any more.


I suppose I'm just out of touch; I can't keep up with these hip, sassy youngsters and all their new definitions of rape.

But, enough of that.

When feminists insist that men perpetrate rape and women are the victims of it, end of story - then perpetrators like the woman in this story slip in under the radar, undetected.

And women like the victim in this story, have their faces spat in, by feminists who insist that only men rape.

But I'm not a feminist, and I know that women rape. They rape men, they rape other women, and they rape children.

Oh yes, they do.

A distinct minority of women do these things.

Just like a distinct minority of men do the same.

So why on earth would this get turned into a 'men vs women' issue? Shouldn't it be a 'rapists vs everybody else' issue, with full acknowledgement that 'rapists' include both men and women?

Well, I'll tell you why that happened.

I'll tell you why certain women turned it into a 'men vs women' issue.

It's because they hate men.

Simple as that.

And they're quite happy to throw women under the bus, when they have been victimised by other women. Because that state of affairs doesn't fit with the story in which men oppress women - so it's best just quietly ignored.

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