Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Woman is Petty Vandal

Vandal who waged campaign for years finally caught by CCTV throwing flour and eggs at cars... and it's the leader of the local Neighbourhood Watch

Fed up after suffering years of petty vandalism, the homeowners of Nursery Road decided to take action.

Secretly they clubbed together to buy a CCTV system and waited to gather evidence of crimes committed by what they thought were local yobs.

And when someone hurled flour and eggs over two cars in their street, they knew they had their culprit.

But that was when the mystery of Nursery Road took a bizarre twist: the culprit was Jennifer Bibby, not only a fellow resident of their street but also someone who the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, regular churchgoer and police officer’s widow.

... 'When we checked the CCTV we were expecting the culprit to be some hooded yob so we were surprised when we saw her face.’

Ah, yes ... some hooded male yob, I suppose.

Because it is men who do this kind of thing.

Except for when it isn't.

Mrs Bibby, whose husband Kenneth, a sergeant with Hertfordshire Police, died six years ago, today repeated her apology but claimed she had been ‘persecuted’ and ‘provoked’.

Run, hamster, run!

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