Monday, December 20, 2010

Woman Kills Baby, Spared Jail

Note that even the headline refers to the baby as 'stillborn,' but there is absolutely no reason to think this was so - even the mother who wrapped it in a bin liner and hid it for four months apparently has doubts.

Young mother hid stillborn baby's body under a bed, in a wardrobe and a wheelie bin for FOUR MONTHS after secret pregnancy

A distressed young mother who hid her dead baby girl's body in different locations around her house for four months after a secret pregnancy has been spared jail.

Ah, the old 'distressed' chestnut. The subjective experience of 'feeling distressed' is women's Get Out Of Jail Free card - literally, no matter how heinous the offence.

A female Hitler could claim she had just been 'distressed,' and the world would sympathise and rush to her aid.

Amanda Hunt gave birth in her bedroom last New Year's Eve but, believing the girl to be stillborn, she panicked and wrapped the body in a towel and hid it under a bed.

She then put the body in a bin liner and in a wheelie bin.

She removed it every two weeks just before bin collections were due and hid the baby behind a garden shed and in her wardrobe.

The 23-year-old pleaded guilty to a charge of concealment of the birth of a child on Thursday at Wakefield Magistrates Court. She was given a four-month jail sentence suspended for two years.

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