Saturday, January 1, 2011

Angry Harry on Women Protesting a Fictional Storyline

Angry Harry comments on women protesting a fictional storyline:

This is another example of how women's groups put huge pressure on TV networks to ensure that they are not portrayed in a bad light; even in fiction - which is why, for example, programs rarely portray women as false accusers.

If men are accused by women, even in fiction, the plot must show these men to be guilty - or various women's groups will be up in arms.

Somewhere around 2002, I actually posted up a piece from a producer/writer working in Hollywood who stated that during the previous decade any piece of fiction that portrayed women as 'bad' was thrown into the rubbish bin as it had no chance of being turned into a film.

And here:

What women have learned over the past few decades is that they can get anything that they want simply by using intimidation and harassment as methods of persuasion.

And they collude together to do this.

Indeed, for the past three decades the media and the advertising industries have been positively inundated with millions of women like the above who have pelted them with hostility whenever they have dared to produce any material which has been deemed by them to be inconsistent with the view that all women are victims and that all men abuse them in some way.

And, as a result, these industries retreated en masse from saying or doing anything that might offend women.

And most of you would not believe just how trivial and inoffensive can any material be before it ignites the menstrual wrath of these permanently-enraged wimmin.

For example, I recall one journalist - about 4 years ago - telling me that his health article in a national UK Sunday newspaper was nearly pulled because it dared to mention the fact that there was more money being spent on women's health than on men's health.

Apparently, this fact might have offended women readers and/or "made them feel vulnerable" - the latter being a tactic that is used time and time again to shame people out of airing perfectly legitimate views, facts and ideas; particularly should these reveal any form of discrimination against men or any form of disadvantage being experienced by men.

Women, apparently, would feel more vulnerable if they knew that men were finding out the truth about the way in which they were being horribly discriminated against. And, apparently, some women would feel 'guilty' about their better situation.

Poor dears!

And one barrister who, some three years ago, wrote a fairly innocuous piece in the Times suggesting that the legal system was, in some areas, biased against men dared not even give his name.

The Times actually published the article but had to identify the author as a leading barrister who preferred not to divulge who he was.

Even those who produce fiction - e.g. TV soap operas - are heavily lobbied daily by vindictive wimmin's groups to ensure that men are always portrayed in a worse negative light than are women.

And most of you would also be amazed to discover just how deep and widespread is the 'conspiracy' to hide the fact that most victims - of just about anything - are, in fact, men, rather than women.

The BBC, for example, bends over backwards to hide the sex of 'victims' whenever these are men, but it highlights and headlines their sex to an almost embarrassing degree whenever these are women.

Men dying from prostate cancer become 'patients', 'sufferers', 'people', 'hospital inmates', 'those afflicted with the disease'.

Women dying from breast cancer become 'women', 'women' and 'women'.

When men are killed in Iraq they are 'Iraqis', ' Americans', 'insurgents', 'terrorists', 'troops', 'soldiers', 'recruits', 'combatants', 'fighters'', 'pilots', 'crew', 'the enemy', the 'allies'.

When women are killed in Iraq they are 'women', 'women' and 'women'.

The feminist-inspired aim behind this deceptive and somewhat despicable ploy is to ensure that 'men' are rarely portrayed as deserving in any way and that women are continually portrayed as having been short-changed by them in one way or other - mostly by portraying them as the perpetual victims of men.

And yet, in truth, western women are the most pampered and over-indulged organisms on the planet.

Despite this, the mainstream media have not even been able for a very long time now to point out freely that men (or boys) were at a disadvantage in any area of life without being positively inundated with hostility from throngs of aggressive women who have been goaded by their feminist overlords to engage in various forms of histrionics; via writing letters, telephoning, faxing, demonstrating, and so on.

In the past few years this stranglehold over the media has lessened in force slightly thanks to the internet but millions of women remain committed to furthering their agenda through the only means that they know about; nastiness, hostility, intimidation, aggression and emotional blackmail.

They even threaten the very lives of WOMEN who offend them!

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