Sunday, December 5, 2010

Angry Harry on Paternal Responsibility

Angry Harry writes in response to this story about "Britain's most feckless father," an unemployed man who has fathered a dozen or so children by nearly as many mothers and contributes barely anything towards them.

Of course, the women are rarely blamed for what is entirely their choice.

Unemployed Emma Kelly, 18, and 21-year-old ex-girlfriend Clare Bryant - have also both recently been made pregnant by the feckless father, it emerged today.

But he did not make them pregnant, nor did he make them have children.

The impregnated women always had far more control over these things than he did.

Indeed, this story is about one 'feckless' man and about ten feckless women - but the focus is on the feckless behaviour of the man.

The women are not responsible! - even though the decision to have a baby is their choice alone.

And, do you know what?

I cannot really blame this man for what he has been up to.

After all, what kind of future could this man expect to have?

He is not educated enough to do much that is useful or well paid; and he has a poor history and a criminal record.

He has been brought up to see that women who have children can be funded by the welfare system - without any stigma - so what has he got to lose by having many children with many different women?

At least, this way, he has a big 'family' that he can boast about, with many children; some of who might, one day, actually see him as their father.

Does the government really think that men like this are going be satisfied with a lifetime of stacking shelves or cleaning streets?

Is this something that they are supposed to look forward to?

In the old days, they took pride in their families and in their work; poor or not.

But our feminist-dominated government has ripped that all away; making men such as him have to compete with the welfare system when it comes to women and children, and with thousands of immigrants - and women - when it comes to work.

But men like him cannot really compete successfully with both of these things.

So why should they even try?

And why should he invest his future (his money, his work, his love, his home) in just one family - when these (and much more besides) can all be taken away from him at the whim of his partner?

He will have seen what happens to other men who have invested so much of their lives in their families - and yet lost them all; often through no fault of their own.

Given the above, he seems to have done quite well for himself given his circumstances.

And I suspect that we are going to see much, much more of this kind of behaviour in the future.

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