Sunday, December 5, 2010

Idaho Woman Charged with Felony Battery

This story is from back in June (2010).

Boise woman charged with felony aggravated battery after domestic dispute

Police say a Boise woman was arrested on aggravated battery charges after she struck an adult male with a cane during a domestic dispute. The man had injuries on his arms and upper body.

Malori A. Crisp, 21, was also charged with misdemeanor destruction of a telecommunications line. Police say Crisp tried to stop the man from calling 911 during the altercation.

Why do I post this? Couldn't anyone simply log on to the World Wide Web and find similar, or worse stories of male violence within a matter of seconds?

Yes - I don't dispute this.

So then, why post it?

Well, Welmer's commentary on The Spearhead should set things straight:

According to women’s groups, abusers like Malorie Crisp do not exist, because domestic violence is all about perpetuating the patriarchy. Therefore, when a woman assaults a member of “the patriarchy”, it cannot possibly be domestic violence. Note how the article states that she was arrested for “aggravated battery,” whereas if it were a man arrested during a “domestic dispute” the police report would have indicated “domestic violence.” This is one method by which domestic violence rates are skewed to make it appear that women do not perpetrate domestic violence.

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