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False Accusations

False Rape Epidemic

About Half of Rape Allegations are False, Research Shows - RADAR
Based on the statements and studies cited above, some 47,000 American men are falsely accused of rape each year.

The Rape Deception - Angry Harry
One of the most common deceptive ploys purposely engaged in by the feminists is the attempt to hoodwink the public over the issue of false rape allegations by continually making reference to women who have, in fact, been raped.
This is simply a diversionary tactic, designed to silence debate by intimidating those who want to talk about false rape allegations.

1998: Deflating the Date Rape Scare: A Look At Campus Police Records - Michael P. Wright
The problem is that the "1-in-4" chant bears little relationship to reality. A review of OU enrollment data and information supplied by campus police yielded the estimate that the annualized rape risk for 1996 freshmen women at OU was 1 chance in 476. That's a little less alarming than 1-in-4.

31/10/00 'Truth test' to uncover false rape allegations
Between 10 and 41 per cent of allegations of rape are made up by the "victim", according to previous research.
The researchers found that the three main motivations for reporting false rape are to provide an alibi where the accuser believes she may be pregnant or has had illicit consensual sex, revenge against a partner, and a desperate attempt to seek sympathy or attention.

14/06/04 Researching the "Rape Culture" of America - Christina Hoff Sommers
At some rape awareness meetings, women who have not yet been date raped are referred to as "potential survivors." Their male classmates are "potential rapists."
Gender feminist ideologues bemuse and alarm the public with inflated statistics. And they have made no case for the claim that violence against women is symptomatic of a deeply misogynist culture.

20/07/04 Judges attack rape case reforms
The reforms tended to assume people who made allegations of sexual assault were necessarily victims - an assumption which coloured their attitude to the trial process.

03/03/09 Teachers' careers 'blighted' by false allegations
Many of the allegations follow attempts by teachers to discipline pupils who misbehave in class. Teachers are seen as "guilty until proven innocent" and can face suspension, police investigations or disciplinary procedures if they are confronted with abuse allegations

10/10/09 UC Official Caught Inflating Sexual Assault Figures - Robert Franklin, Esq.
The simple fact is that the more assaults she reported, the more money her department received from the federal government grant to the UC system.

20/10/09 Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution
The UK's biggest ever investigation of sex trafficking failed to find a single person who had forced anybody into prostitution in spite of hundreds of raids on sex workers in a six-month campaign by government departments, specialist agencies and every police force in the country.

15/03/10 Rape conviction rate figures 'misleading'
Persistent claims that only six per cent of rapes end in conviction was seen as a useful "campaigning tool " by some but was "extremely unhelpful", warned Baroness Stern, the cross-bench peer who carried out a six month review in to tackling rape.
Rapists are more likely to be convicted than acquitted, with higher success rates than those for rates for grievous bodily harm, threats to kill, manslaughter and attempted murder.

24/05/10 Two in three teachers accused of abuse are cleared
Fewer than a third of all allegations of sexual or physical harm made against school staff are ever proven, with hundreds investigated by councils each year found to have been made maliciously. Some pupils will falsely claim that their teacher assaulted them if they are in trouble for misbehaving in class, while others may make allegations of sexual abuse if a member of staff has rejected their advances.

13/09/10 Confessing to Crime, but Innocent
Eddie Lowery lost 10 years of his life for a crime he did not commit. There was no physical evidence at his trial for rape, but one overwhelming factor put him away: he confessed.
More than 40 others have given confessions since 1976 that DNA evidence later showed were false, according to records compiled by Brandon L. Garrett, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law. Experts have long known that some kinds of people — including the mentally impaired, the mentally ill, the young and the easily led — are the likeliest to be induced to confess. There are also people like Mr. Lowery, who says he was just pressed beyond endurance by persistent interrogators.

19/10/10 $18 Million to Man Wrongly Imprisoned
A Bronx man who was imprisoned for more than two decades on a rape conviction before being cleared by DNA evidence was awarded $18.5 million by a jury.

Nov 2010 ‘Massive miscarriage of justice’: Operation Ore Imprisons Innocent Men
There are hundreds of people who’ve been convicted of one of the worst crimes imaginable. Lives and families have been destroyed. But the evidence now shows that many of those convicted weren’t paedophiles at all. They were victims of straightforward online credit card fraud.

Nov 2010 False Allegations
Prior to 2004, the Home Office stated in its own bulletin that it was aware of 3000 wrongfully convicted people being put in prison every year ... and yet the government allows it to continue to make their conviction statistics look good.

08/12/10 Great Comment on the Swedish (in)Justice System - Schopenbecq
The Swedish government are jailing men for violence or sex crimes against women and children without any proof at all. One member of the supreme court has stated publicly that “If we can keep the number of innocent that are convicted under 500 a year, we should be happy”.

16/12/10 Should a False Accusation of Rape Be Classified as a Sex Crime?
The fact that Heidi Jones committed a crime against someone, based upon their being a male, and it involved sex seems to justify a requirement for her to spend the rest of her life labeled as such a criminal.

28/12/10 There is no 'rape culture.' Period. - False Rape Society
"Judge, I looked at both the women and told them they were lying, that they knew they had not been raped and they just laughed at me. ..."

Jan 2011 The Stern Review (2010) - A Report by Baroness Vivien Stern CBE Of An Independant Review Into How Rape Complaints Are Handled By Public Authorities In England And Wales - Parts 1, 2, 3
'It is clear to us that the way the six per cent conviction rate figure has been able to dominate the public discourse on rape, without explanation, analysis and context, is extremely unhelpful. There is anecdotal evidence that it may well have discouraged some victims from reporting.'

07/01/11 Legal Aid Cut for Men facing False Allegations
Under cuts announced by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, aid for divorce cases will be withdrawn with the exception of those involving accusations of violence and abuse.
Peter Lodder, chairman of the Bar Council, said the changes created “a perverse incentive” for unjustified claims.

08/01/11 Florida dads asking for help against false accusations
In what one citizen referred to as a pendulum shift in the justice system, men who claim to have had their lives destroyed by false accusations of domestic violence or child abuse are hoping locally-elected legislators can help solve the problem.

10/01/11 Why do we refuse to acknowledge that men, as a class, can be victims? - False Rape Society
One of the great conundrums we face in doing this blog is the almost religious-like resistance we get from the persons who dominate the public discourse about rape when we dare even suggest that men, as a class, can be victims.

24/01/11 More triumph of political correctness over reason: Cleveland police must now identify a suspect before they can close a rape case
Try to reconcile the policy requiring that there be a suspect before a case can be closed with the news stories we report on every day in this blog -- where there are no legitimate suspects, because the rape claims are lies.

27/01/11 Women Are Paid To Lie About Rape - Pierce Harlan
The victim of a single instance of a sexual act over the clothing is entitled to compensation, but a man falsely accused of rape who is arrested and jailed for weeks, months or even years, who is subjected to untold mental agonies, who loses his friends, the esteem of his community, his job, his business, and his good name, is entitled to nothing.
Falsely accused men are not the only ones who aren’t covered. The vast majority of boys who are statutorily raped by adult women are not covered, either. This is because victims of sexual offenses are not covered if they “consented in fact.” The fact that the law has determined that boys are incapable of giving valid, legally operative consent to engage in sexual acts with an adult is of no import to the CICA.
The government denies that the Compensation Scheme breeds false rape claims even though the CICA itself has acknowledged rampant fraud as a result of this compensation culture.

27/01/11 Teachers who were wrongly accused
Teachers who are cleared of alleged offences against pupils often have to suffer indignation and embarrassment while the case is investigated, and may find their job prospects irreparably damaged despite being innocent.

27/01/11 False allegations affect thousands of teachers every year - Mary Bousted, General Secretary, Association of Teachers and Lecturers
False allegations affect thousands of teachers every year. In a 2009 ATL survey a quarter of school staff told us they had had a false allegation made against them by a pupil in their current school or college. We hope the Bill will redress the balance so that school staff are not presumed guilty until they are proven innocent and their anonymity is preserved.

02/02/11 31 percent of all sexual assault claims in Ottawa 'never happened' (and likely a lot more)
We know that 31% percent of all sexual assault claims "never happened," but the actual number of sexual assault claims that "never happened" is likely a lot higher.

06/02/11 Dubuque Riverview Centre releases videos implying that male babies are rapists
To hear complaints about “objectification” coming from a man who has no problem painting baby boys as potential rapists should tell us all we need to know about these types of abuse quacks.


Spring 2001 Eric Reitan - Rape as an Essentially Contested Concept
The author of the linked essay, which appeared in the academic publication Hypatia, argues that expanding the boundaries of what constitutes 'rape' is "part of the proper use of the term." He considers feminist successes in this regard as "an important moral achievement." Note that the tone of the piece is purely abstract and intellectualist, without regard for the innocent men who are brutalised and imprisoned as a result of this "important moral achievement." Indeed, in an endnote he concedes that rape in prisons may be "astronomically high," yet this does not deter his insistence that expanding the definition of 'rape,' perhaps indefinitely (he suggests that even where there is consent, this may still be 'rape'), is "part of the proper use of the term."

24/06/01 When is it RAPE?
In her view, rape is a subjective term, one that women must use to draw attention to other, nonviolent, even nonsexual forms of oppression. "If a woman did falsely accuse a man of rape, she may have had reasons to," Ginny says. "Maybe she wasn't raped, but he clearly violated her in some way."
Catherine Comins, assistant dean of student life at Vassar, also sees some value in this loose use of "rape." She says angry victims of various forms of sexual intimidation cry rape to regain their sense of power. "To use the word carefully would be to be careful for the sake of the violator, and the survivors don't care a hoot about him." Comins argues that men who are unjustly accused can sometimes gain from the experience. "They have a lot of pain, but it is not a pain that I would necessarily have spared them."

18/04/09 Feminist scholar's new book proposes most dangerous idea ever: turn sex into a presumed crime when a woman cries 'rape' - False Rape Society
Among other things, she lays out an elaborate legislative scheme to reverse the presumption of consent for rape. Most rapes are of the acquaintance variety, and consent often is the sole issue in dispute in a rape trial. Under this professor's plan, if a woman alleges rape, nonconsent would be presumed, and the man would be required to show by a preponderance of the evidence that the act was consensual.
This feminist scholar wants to turn the most fundamental act of love, the act of procreation, that has been performed countless times every minute of every day of every year since the beginning of time the world over -- into a presumed crime. And that's not hyperbole -- that's the effect of what she's proposing.

21/07/10 Israeli Palestinian man to appeal rape-by-deception conviction
'Rape by deception,' or racism?
Both sides agreed that the sexual intercourse was consensual. However, the D.A. still wanted to charge him with rape by deception.
"Apparently, later she discovered that I was an Arab and complained to the police," he said. "I did not say anything or commit anything wrong," he insisted, adding that he did not understand how his misrepresentations could result in a rape charge.

09/12/10 Yippee, We’re All Abusers Now! - Carey Roberts
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, partner violence also includes “Getting annoyed if the victim disagrees” and “Withholding information from the victim.” If that doesn’t suffice, “Disregarding what the victim wants” also counts as a punishable offense.

02/01/11 India Plunges into Rape Hysteria - W. F. Price
Under a new centrally sponsored government scheme, Indian women who claim to be rape victims will receive $450 cash within two weeks if they claim rape and a medical exam demonstrates unspecified evidence of rape, and then over a year’s time additional benefits are added that bring the total to at least $4,500 (RS 2 lakh), and up to $6,700 (RS 3 lakh) worth of benefits.
In addition to the rape reporting payments, India has expanded the definition of rape to include men who lead women to believe they will marry them, and then fail to go follow with it.


08/02/00 False rape claim costs woman half a million pounds
A woman pharmacist was ordered yesterday to pay a male colleague £400,000 damages for falsely accusing him of raping her.

17/10/00 BA steward says he was fired over false rape claim
Mr Henry claimed he had been unfairly dismissed by BA after the rape charges against him were dropped in January last year.

15/08/03 Mother imprisoned for false rape claim against her ex-lover
An innocent man spent two months in prison after his former lover staged her own abduction and falsely accused him of raping her.
Alison Welfare was found by a cleaner on the floor of a McDonald's lavatory, semi-naked, bound and gagged, with her clothes torn and covered in paint. She told police that Christopher Wheeler, 38, a former boyfriend, had abducted her from a street in south-east London and held her at knifepoint before raping her.
Mr Wheeler spent eight weeks at High Down prison in Surrey before police discovered his accuser had made up the story.

05/10/04 Thirty Days - Bradley Flory
A former Leslie High School student who framed her teacher for sexual assault was sentenced Wednesday to 30 days in the Ingham County Youth Center. Investigators concluded Shong faked Internet chat sessions -- essentially chatting with herself -- purportedly talking to Fry about their sexual contact.

31/10/07 Lies of Little Miss Misery - memoir of abused girl is a fake, says new investigation
Ms O'Beirne, who was brought up just outside Dublin, reveals in lurid detail the years she spent as a slave to sadistic nuns in the notorious Magdalene laundries, how she was raped there by two priests, gave birth at the age of 13, how nuns sold babies born at the laundries and how she had her hand thrust into boiling fat by her alcoholic father ... My year-long investigation into Ms O'Beirne's oft-repeated claims has found compelling evidence that her book is based on little more than fantasy ... Moreover, I have discovered that she tried to bribe a friend to be a "witness" to a rape that never happened, and has threatened to have those who challenge her account "dealt with".

05/05/08 Arlington mom who cried rape gets five years in slaying
Darrell Roberson had come home unexpectedly from a trip when he found his wife, Tracy Roberson, and her lover, Devin LaSalle, together in Mr. LaSalle's truck. To cover up her affair, Mrs. Roberson falsely told her husband she had been raped, and Mr. Roberson shot and killed Mr. LaSalle. In a rare switch, a grand jury refused to indict Mr. Roberson, but Ms. Roberson was charged, convicted, and imprisoned for five years for involuntary manslaughter. "The wrong person went to prison," fumed Jill Davis, Roberson's attorney.

06/02/09 Two Men's Lives Destroyed by False Rape Claim - Pierce Harlan
Men and boys falsely accused of rape have been beaten, have been fired from their jobs, have seen their businesses destroyed, and have lost their wives and girlfriends. And, yes, some are killed and even kill themselves. In a most tragic sense, Sumbo Owoiya paid the ultimate price simply for being born male.

05/03/09 Man viciously attacked, suffers 'devastating brain injuries,' over false rape claim
John Chalmers, a 47-year-old prominent businessman, suffered devastating brain injuries in a vicious attack after a man was wrongly convinced that Mr. Chalmers had raped his sister. So terrible was the beating that Mr. Chalmers has had to “learn everything again.”

05/05/09 Court acquits four men framed of rape charges twelve years after being falsely accused
“Due to allegations of rape, a stigma is attached to our names and we are facing great hardships in finding any job for our livelihood. We have been thrown out of jobs and are unable to live with dignity because we are called rapists,” they stated in their petition.
Justice S. Muralidhar acquitted the four, but reserved order on the plea of taking action against the then police officials involved in the case.

18/07/09 DNA test lands false accuser in a spot
One year after a 26-year-old girl from Vasco alleged she was raped by a neighbour and that she had subsequently given birth to his child, DNA tests have revealed the accused did not father the child. The police now want to initiate action against the complainant for lodging a false complaint.

15/08/09 20-year-old woman destroys teen's life with false rape claim for money
Grant Bowers was just an ordinary teenager when a 20-year-old woman named Sarah-Jane Hillard decided his life didn't mean as much as the £7,500 she would collect from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority if she claimed he raped her.

01/10/09 4 Years for Raping a Fictional Character - Cless Alvein
Livid that her roommate and new “best friend” could be rejected, she decides to bring revenge upon me, a man she’s never met. She decides to spread a rumor. Rape.

30/10/09 False rape claim prison warning
Women who falsely report rape have been warned by a judge jail is "inevitable". Mr Justice Henriques spoke at London's Court of Appeal as Jennifer Day, 35, from Essex, failed to successfully appeal against a two-year prison term. He called Day's two-year sentence "well-measured" and said scarce police resources were diverted and innocent victims faced a "terrifying allegation".

19/01/10 Woman jailed for false rape allegation
A woman who made a false rape allegation that led to an innocent man being arrested has been jailed for 18 months after she admitted perverting justice. The victim was detained for 28 hours but was exonerated by forensic evidence.

04/02/10 Vindication Now Arrives After a Battle of 28 Years
On Thursday, sitting stoically in the same courthouse where long ago he was convicted of a rape he did not commit, Mr. Peacock, 60, received the exoneration he so passionately sought.

15/07/10 'Wicked' woman jailed over false rape claim
An "irresponsible and wicked" woman was jailed for three years today after she slashed her body, hair and clothing to convince police she was the victim of a serious sexual assault. Her allegation that she was attacked while walking home alone at night led to four men being held in custody for more than 60 hours. One man described his ordeal in detention as "torture" while another attempted self harm, Carlisle Crown Court heard.
"They were kept in custody for more than 60 hours and were subjected to extremely distressing examinations of their genitalia."

28/07/10 Rape charges dropped after deleted messages recovered from iPhone
Deleted but decoded text messages undermined a schoolgirl's claims against a northern beaches businessman.

04/08/10 Rape allegation 'was false'
A woman who claimed she was raped made up the allegation, police said today.

09/08/10 Britons 'trapped in false rape sting by blonde Swede on Greek island'
According to the Greek media, she was involved in “organised fraud” and was “fabricating charges of being raped so that she could draw large amounts of insurance as compensation”.

11/08/10 Warning after Bournemouth woman jailed for false rape
Police have warned that malicious reports of false rapes will not be tolerated after a woman was jailed for 15 months after lying to detectives.
"Her actions not only caused detectives to spend valuable time and resources investigating this incident, but, more importantly, caused entirely unnecessary distress to the man she accused."

26/08/10 The awful price of a false rape claim: one man dead, one going to prison for 7 years
One young man is dead, another’s life has been destroyed, all because of a false rape claim, and the girls who ignited the fire apparently escaped unscathed.
We are constantly told to accept the word of a rape accuser. Our colleges and sexual assault centers preach that women don't lie about rape. Period. The sexual grievance industry, which has enormous political clout, insists that people take the word of a rape accuser without question. Is it so unusual, with that lie drummed into us constantly, that things like this happen?

01/11/10 Woman jailed for three years over false rape claim
A woman who falsely claimed her ex-boyfriend raped her after giving her a Pringles sandwich laced with diazepam was jailed for three years today. Kate Woodhead, 31, carried out her "devious" revenge against Paul Joseph after he told her their 18-month relationship was over.

19/11/10 Woman jailed over false rape accusation
A woman who falsely accused a man of rape and turned his life into the "stuff of nightmares" was today jailed for 18 months. The victim was arrested after eight police officers woke him and his family just after 4am. He then spent 23 hours in police custody and 16 weeks on bail.

03/12/10 Woman who had drunken sex session with three men is jailed for crying rape
Sabrina Johnson falsely accused three men of rape because she was late for work. It was only thanks to a mobile phone voice recording that the men were cleared.

04/12/10 Innocent grandfather gassed himself hours after child porn police raided his home
Michael Curtis's home was raided and three laptop computers seized after intelligence led officers to his address after he stumbled upon one indecent picture and viewed it for a matter of seconds. 'The police when they turned up to the house treated him like he was guilty and treated him exactly like they would a convicted paedophile.'

07/12/10 Girl, 16, who cried rape after cheating on boyfriend is jailed for six months
A teenage girl was locked up for six months for crying rape, after she lied to stop her boyfriend finding out she'd cheated on him. Because of her lies, a man was held in custody for 36 hours, then spent two months on bail until the girl confessed it was all lies.

07/12/10 More fear-mongering about males: NY Times writer refuses to hire superbly qualified babysitter, because he's male - False Rape Society
What is both infuriating and chilling is that Sprinkle doesn't have the first clue how offensive it is ... Sprinkle ended up hiring a woman over the best candidate, solely because the best candidate is male.

09/12/10 Reading woman convicted of false rape allegations
Emma Blunden, 21, told police she had been raped in a Newbury hostel in 2008, and, in February 2010, alleged an attack by three men at a Reading house. A total of four men were arrested following her allegations.

09/12/10 Teen girl admits to false rape claim
An innocent man found himself behind bars after a teenage girl falsely cried rape because she was afraid of what her boyfriend would do when he found out she had cheated on him.
The man she pointed the finger at was arrested, spent hours in the police station and had intimate samples taken because of her false accusations.

10/12/10 Female Prison Officer Attempts Blackmail
When the relationship turned sour she made a statement to police saying Mr Fitzgerald was blackmailing her and he was arrested. In turn, this led to her own arrest.

16/12/10 Heidi Jones Could Face Jail For False Rape Claim
Once cops confronted her on the inconsistencies of her story, Jones fessed up to having invented the story as a plea for attention. She said she was having some personal problems in her life and thought the story would gain her sympathy.

30/12/10 Court corrects grievous wrong that sent a man to prison on testimony of serial false accuser - False Rape Society
That's at least five or six males this girl has accused of improperly having sex with her. That we know of. She admitted that three of those males were innocent.
Mr. Baker asked the court to allow the jury to hear this evidence about the girl's prior allegations of sexual assault by multiple males because, he correctly argued, it was relevant to her credibility and veracity. The court, however, excluded the evidence on grounds that only general reputation evidence, not specific instances of untruthfulness, could be used for impeachment.

03/01/11 Woman Calls 911 To Try To Force Boyfriend To Propose
Ana Perez, 40, called 911 around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, claiming her boyfriend was attacking her. When police arrived, she changed her story, admitting she was trying to scare her boyfriend into marrying her.

04/01/11 Man exonerated after 30 years in jail for rape he did not commit
Cornelius Dupree, 51, was jailed in 1979 for the rape and armed robbery of a woman in Dallas, Texas. But he has had to wait until now for his record to be wiped clean after DNA tests finally excluded him as the attacker.

07/01/11 Sentenced: Teenage girl who lied about Alexandra Park rape
Scenes-of-crime officers carried out a thorough forensic examination with the help of officers from the Tactical Aid Unit, who searched the area by fingertip. The search was so detailed officers had to guard the scene overnight. Detectives also spent hours trawling through CCTV cameras in the area.

11/01/11 Asylum seeker who claimed to have been gang-raped and witnessed family's murder in Somalia exposed as £250k benefit fraudster
The terrifying ordeal, like her identity, was completely bogus – it was merely a front for an elaborate benefit fraud that cost taxpayers more than £400,000.

17/01/11 Woman jailed for false rape claims
A woman was jailed for two years today for making two false allegations of rapes against four men, according to police. "Three men were also arrested following her initial reports and they had to endure some intimate forensic examinations."

26/01/11 My nine-month hell, by council boss cleared of raping girl 'too drunk to give consent'
‘There is no doubt in my mind she targeted me. She knew my name, she sought out my company.’

28/01/11 Wrongfully convicted rapist is freed after 17 years.. and hit with a $110,000 bill for backdated child maintenance
An innocent man jailed for 17 years after being wrongfully convicted of rape will not get any compensation for the time he spent behind bars - but he has been given a $111,000 bill for backdated child maintenance payments.
Northrop is struggling to save up enough money for a car so he can keep his $12-an-hour job at a metal fabrication shop in Vancouver.

31/01/11 How False Rape Allegations Destroyed My Family
How I actually managed to force a willful 13 year old from the distant location of my apartment in another city wasn't examined. Her mother swallowed the story whole, and the child was rewarded with increased attention, conciliatory gifts, and the unimpeachable political power of her new status as victim ... During the divorce of this woman from my father, the child and the mother taunted him by telling him they had invented the accusations of rape against me, and against him which came out during the divorce.

01/02/11 Nun Mary Turcotte recants accusation of rape after police release sketch of made-up suspect
She told cops she made up the story in an attempt to cover up a consensual sex romp with a bodega worker inside the Glenwood Ave. residence.

03/02/11 A Soldier's Story: The Travesty of False Allegation
She accused me of raping her, because she was going to show up to work drunk and late. "I was late and I didn't think it was going to be a big deal."
Not a fucking big deal? She nearly ruined my entire fucking life. I drink all the fucking time, habitually now. I can't bring myself to even talk to women. I fear them. I am a complete and total shut-in. I don't even go out anymore.

05/02/11 The shocking story of how a church group girl cried rape and what it tells us about Britain
David, she told her friend, had raped her that morning under the duvet. Lucy repeated the claim to her mother, who took her to the police station. David was arrested. In the ­harrowing days that followed, David was called a ­‘rapist’ — among other things — in the street by other youngsters who ­presumed he must be guilty.
He wasn’t.

10/02/11 Sex attack hoax won't lead to charges for teenaged claimant
Despite the large amount of resources utilized in the search for the nonexistent attacker and the anxiety to residents in the area, the OPS decided not to press charges.

12/02/11 Federal Judge Gives the Go-ahead for Disciplinary Measures Against Student Suing False Accuser
Judge William Sessions III, expressing concern about the details going public, pressured the parties to the lawsuit to reconsider going through with it, and in an apparent move to encourage them to do so said that the school was free to seek disciplinary measures against Vaughan for retaliation.

01/03/11 Jailed: The soldier's cheating wife who claimed she was raped to cover up pregnancy while husband was in Afghanistan
A soldier's wife cried rape after her husband worked out their baby was conceived while he was thousands of miles away on the Helmand frontline. He went to police and the 24-year-old repeated her claims, leading to the arrest of two innocent men. But after police questioning, the mother-of-three admitted the allegations were an elaborate lie to conceal her affair.

Julian Assange

The Julian Assange False Rape File - Ferdinand Bardamu
These two women must be exposed for the vindictive liars that they are, and potentially prosecuted for trying to destroy an innocent man’s life. The role of feminists in allowing these two to commit this heinous act must also be exposed, and feminism as an ideology discredited.

14/09/10 Assange Beseiged - Counterpunch
Julian Assange now stands accused of: (1) not calling a young woman the day after he had enjoyed a night with her, (2) asking her to pay for his bus ticket, (3) having unsafe sex, and (4) participating in two brief affairs in the course of one week.

03/12/10 One of Julian Assange's sex offense accusers is a radical feminist bent on revenge - False Rape Society
Anna Ardin, a notorious radical known in Sweden for her feminism views on how men achieve social dominance through sex, has been known to be bent on revenge.

04/12/10 The name of Julian Assange’s other false rape accuser is Sofia WilĂ©n - Ferdinand Bardamu
She’s “Woman B,” the stalkerish groupie who slept with Assange but got mad at him after he turned out to be an inattentive geek.

07/12/10 Julian Assange’s Honey Trap: That’s Rape in Sweden - Jack Donovan
For both girls it was consensual, but suddenly it wasn’t consensual, but he wasn’t violent, but then again he wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, but neither of them are afraid of him, anyway, even though he’s twisted.

08/12/10 Julian Assange: The Charges
Used his body weight to hold down Miss A in a sexual manner; had unprotected sex with Miss A when she had insisted on him using a condom; molested Miss A "in a way designed to violate her sexual integrity"; had unprotected sex with Miss W while she was asleep.

17/12/10 Assange on the Smear Campaign
He told Good Morning America the sex attack allegations made him 'clearly a victim of a smear campaign.'

20/12/10 Feminists in Media Shocked over Assange Reaction - W. F. Price
Writing for the Guardian, reporter Tracy McVeigh reports on the overwhelming wave of anger over Assange’s arrest with thinly-veiled unease, revealing feminist concerns about their tenuous claim to favorable public sentiment.

27/12/10 Assange Attacks Feminism
Mr Assange regards himself as a victim of radicalism. "Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism," he said. "I fell into a hornets' nest of revolutionary feminism."

07/02/11 Assange prosecutor is 'anti-men'
Mrs Sundberg-Weitman, a published academic and associate professor at Stockholm University, accused Ms Ny of having a "rather biased view against men".
She added: "She seems to take it for granted that everybody under prosecution is guilty."

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