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06/12/10 Facebook cartoon character campaign
One Facebooker asked: ‘How is this gonna help stop child abuse? Sounds like something a paedophile would do!’

08/12/10 FBI issues warning over Barbie 'Video Girl' which could be used by paedophiles to make child pornography
There have been no recorded incidents of paedophiles using the Barbie 'Video Girl' to prey on young children.

29/12/10 Fury of music teachers over 'no touching' diktat
Music teachers have been told to avoid physical contact with pupils because of fears of accusations of paedophilia. Teachers have branded the film a ‘hysterical overreaction’ and say it is likely only to heighten children’s anxiety about paedophilia. Touching pupils is often the only way to straighten backs, reposition hands or correct other common errors made by developing musicians.

28/01/11 Outrage as picture of Elton John's baby is covered with shield by U.S. supermarket to 'protect children'
A U.S. supermarket sparked outrage today after it covered with a 'family shield' a magazine showing a picture of Elton John, his husband and their newborn baby.


23/03/06 Day of the dad: paedophilia hysteria leaves men afraid to help
"I kept thinking should I go back? One of the reasons I did not go back is because I thought someone would see me and think I was trying to abduct her."

15/06/10 'Draconian' anti-paedophile database had already barred innocent teacher who died in jail
“You were assumed to be guilty ... until you were proven innocent and told you were able to work with children.”

Nov 2010 ‘Massive miscarriage of justice’: Operation Ore Imprisons Innocent Men
There are hundreds of people who’ve been convicted of one of the worst crimes imaginable. Lives and families have been destroyed. But the evidence now shows that many of those convicted weren’t paedophiles at all. They were victims of straightforward online credit card fraud.

04/12/10 Innocent grandfather gassed himself hours after child porn police raided his home
Michael Curtis's home was raided and three laptop computers seized after intelligence led officers to his address after he stumbled upon one indecent picture and viewed it for a matter of seconds. 'The police when they turned up to the house treated him like he was guilty and treated him exactly like they would a convicted paedophile.'

07/12/10 More fear-mongering about males: NY Times writer refuses to hire superbly qualified babysitter, because he's male - False Rape Society
What is both infuriating and chilling is that Sprinkle doesn't have the first clue how offensive it is ... Sprinkle ended up hiring a woman over the best candidate, solely because the best candidate is male.

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