Sunday, January 2, 2011

Female Entitlement

02/12/10 Court overturns man’s will on moral grounds
The daughters have a “valid moral claim to share in the family wealth,” Judge Wong ruled.

05/12/10 Season for giving (to yourself): Women spend more on themselves during Christmas shopping sprees
The fairer sex spend more on themselves at Christmas than on presents for partners, family and friends, a survey reveals.

14/12/10 Kevin Myers: Women's obsession with victimhood exalts failure and generates nothing but excuses
What do women say and do? Well, they certainly complain. They complain to one another about their breasts and their bums and their hips and their latest diet and their hair colour. When they complain about their lives, it is usually called feminist-politics.

14/12/10 'It's a f****** travesty!' Woman judge's foul-mouthed outburst after being convicted of failing to control her Alsatian
Judge Beatrice Bolton, of Rothbury, Northumberland, strode out when the verdict was announced, branding the decision 'a f****** travesty'.
She was heard yelling 'I'll never set foot in a court again' from outside the courtroom.

26/12/10 A Stuck Up Mapleskank... - MarkyMark
"You need to look presentable standing next to me."

30/12/10 'Unrealistic and hurtful': Mothers take to internet to protest at EastEnders cot death storyline
Scores of mothers have taken to the internet to protest about EastEnders' forthcoming cot death storyline, which they have slammed as 'unrealistic and hurtful'.
Angry Harry on Women Protesting a Fictional Storyline
What women have learned over the past few decades is that they can get anything that they want simply by using intimidation and harassment as methods of persuasion.

Don't Mention Obesity

16/08/10 Britannia Sinks The Ship - Porky D.
The real life Peter Griffin is obviously not as common as the real life “Fat Lois”, but don’t expect the popular image of obesity to suddenly start reflecting that fact- nobody wants women to start feeling bad about themselves.

06/12/10 One in 20 pregnant women is dangerously obese - study
Around 5% of all pregnant women in the UK - more than 38,000 - are severely obese, putting them and their babies at risk, according to a new study.

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