Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Dark Feminine

31/10/07 Lies of Little Miss Misery - memoir of abused girl is a fake, says new investigation
Ms O'Beirne, who was brought up just outside Dublin, reveals in lurid detail the years she spent as a slave to sadistic nuns in the notorious Magdalene laundries, how she was raped there by two priests, gave birth at the age of 13, how nuns sold babies born at the laundries and how she had her hand thrust into boiling fat by her alcoholic father ... My year-long investigation into Ms O'Beirne's oft-repeated claims has found compelling evidence that her book is based on little more than fantasy ... Moreover, I have discovered that she tried to bribe a friend to be a "witness" to a rape that never happened, and has threatened to have those who challenge her account "dealt with".

06/12/10 Mother 'claimed she was terminally ill with brain tumour, bone cancer AND leukaemia to con well-wishers out of cash'
A young mother-of-three is set to appear in court accused of lying about being terminally ill in order to con well-wishers out of cash.

07/12/10 Married woman prison officer who had sex with teenage 'honey trap killer' in his cell is jailed for 12 months
The married mother-of-four even wrote love letters to McLean, Isleworth Crown Court was told.

08/12/10 Vandal who waged campaign for years finally caught by CCTV throwing flour and eggs at cars... and it's the leader of the local Neighbourhood Watch
The culprit was Jennifer Bibby, not only a fellow resident of their street but also someone who the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator, regular churchgoer and police officer’s widow.

10/12/10 Female gang rob blind man of £4,000
A 61-year-old blind man was robbed of £4,000 by a group of women in a "sick and heartless" crime, police have said.

10/12/10 'Infatuated' female prison officer had sex with drug addict inmate in his cell
A female prison officer who had sex with with an inmate in his cell brought shame on herself and her profession, a judge ruled today.

11/12/10 Woman 'blackmailed billionaire for £3m by threatening to tell his wife he made her pregnant'
One of the world’s wealthiest property tycoons was blackmailed by a woman who falsely claimed she was pregnant by him and threatened to tell his wife unless he paid her £3million, a court heard.

21/12/10 Young geezer-fleecer sentenced for 'inconveniencing' sick old men
Cher Thompson, 29, admittedly seduced a seriously disabled 64-year-old Bronx nursing home resident to marry her, cheated on him with an ailing 90-year-old West Village widower, then looted their accounts out of a total $200,000.

29/12/10 Girlfriend of Soham murderer Ian Huntley is stabbed at her home on Boxing Day
(The only point of interest here is that Ian Huntley, notorious child killer, has been receiving telephone calls and letters from a woman who he has never met, and who has only heard of him because of his crimes, and who appears to be infatuated with him.)

15/01/11 Woman, 26, 'poses as man for nine years to trick TWO women into having sexual relations'
Brooks faces two charges of obtaining sexual contact by fraud.

25/01/11 Woman 'kept starving illegal immigrant, 17, as slave who cleaned yards at trailer park'
A woman faces 25 years in jail and a $500,000 fine if found guilty of treating a 17-year-old illegal immigrant as a slave - making him work and starving him. Lucinda Shackleford allegedly forced Carlos Alberto Montes Salvador to clean her 60-yard trailer yard and is accused of withholding his birth certificate - a crime tantamount to slave trafficking.

27/01/11 Welling rape cases police officer who harrased ex-lover escapes jail
The court heard Tulloch used five pseudonyms including colleague Detective Sergeant Warren Arter and her son to launch a “barrage” of harassment after the man she had an affair with broke off their relationship.

29/01/11 Binge drinking: Paralytic before they even go out, the girls hooked on speed-drinking
Women now drink more than a quarter of their alcohol before they even leave home — and, of course, many can’t remember drinking the other three-quarters.

02/02/11 Woman charged with animal cruelty after trying to mail a dog to US
The box had been wrapped, completely, sealing the air holes. If the parcel had been airlifted - as was planned - and transported in an airplane's unheated, non-pressurised cargo hold, the dog would almost certainly have died.

04/02/11 Nanny admits to poisoning Ann Summers boss
A nanny tried to poison the CEO of a major adult retailer in an attempt to frame her household cook, an English court has heard.

05/02/11 'He is so dead': Four teens (three girls) arrested for making Facebook death threats against boy they said was a 'snitch'
The group, three 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old, were arrested for aggravated stalking after threatening Facebook messages were discovered by the boy's mother.

07/02/11 Teenage daughters convicted of murdering antiques dealer father in row over money
Antoni Robinson, 61, was stabbed 15 times with a kitchen knife and a commando-style army knife as he slept in his bed. He suffered horrific wounds to his head, neck and body and bled to death within minutes of the attack.

07/02/11 11-year-old girl caught trying to smuggle 74 mobile phones and a gun into Colombian jail
A prison official told newspaper El Colombiano that children are frequently used to smuggle prohibited goods into jail. According to the newspaper, women frequently smuggle phones, drugs and even knives hidden around their private parts.

09/02/11 Hit list texting between teens leads to felony charges
Hit list text messaging got two teenage girls in major trouble last week. The hit list consisted of nicknames for students they threatened to kill and neighborhoods of where they live.

12/02/11 Woman accused of hacking off piglet's head... and leaving it on the owner's front porch
A woman has been charged with beheading one piglet and stabbing another, dumping the wound-covered bodies back in their pen - and leaving the head on its owner's front porch.

16/02/11 Busted: The sisters facing jail after buying £8,000 boob jobs with stolen credit cards
Two sisters are facing jail after using stolen credit cards to pay for breast enlargement surgery.

25/02/11 Victorian bad girls: Police mugshots of 19th century women criminals revealed
Family history website, is publishing more than 4,400 criminal records and 500 mugshots in its collection, which included one woman who received a five-year sentence for stealing an umbrella. They provide an astonishing insight into the way justice was done at the time, and indicted that gender and the offence committed was no barrier to the full force of the law.
Legion comment: Ah, The Good Old Days! You know - the days of Sexual Equality Before The Law - before the advent of the pussy pass, when women could be sentenced to years of hard labour for petty theft.
What went wrong?
... international content director Dan Jones said: 'Crime is more often associated with men; however, these intriguing records shed light on some rather colourful female lawbreakers of their day and, given the petty nature of many of their crimes, also serves as a reminder of how harsh our judicial system was not so very long ago.'
Legion comment: But Mr Jones, you must realise - our judicial system is still very harsh, but only against men.
The same sorts of punishments were handed out to men back in those days - but this article focuses on women. Now, why is that?
Could it be because the idea of women being punished for crimes is so very unusual?

26/02/11 New mothers swap fruit vouchers for booze and cigarettes
Pregnant women on benefits have used NHS fruit and vegetable vouchers to obtain cigarettes and alcohol, a Government report has found.

01/03/11 Schoolgirls who triggered huge police search by creating fake Facebook suicide victim are questioned
Two teenage girls who triggered a massive police search by creating a fake suicide victim on Facebook are being questioned by officers.

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