Sunday, January 2, 2011

Legal Choice For Men (LC4M)

08/03/06 Men's-Rights Activists to Sue for Right to Decline Fatherhood
"There's such a spectrum of choice that women have — it's her body, her pregnancy and she has the ultimate right to make decisions. I'm trying to find a way for a man also to have some say over decisions that affect his life profoundly."

Paternity Fraud

19/05/06 When Oral Sex Results In A Pregnancy; Can Men Ever Escape Paternity Obligations?
Unbeknownst to Phillips, his girlfriend allegedly saved the resulting semen and used it to inseminate herself. A court nonetheless ordered him to pay approximately $800 a month in child support.
The facts of this case raise significant questions about the contours of a man’s right — if any — to avoid paternity. If a man has no control over paternity, then why should he have to pay for the resulting child?

13/11/10 Daddy by Default. A heart-wrenching tale of Paternity Fraud
Currently there are 21 states in which DNA testing will not relieve a man of child support payments even if he’s not the father of the child in question.

06/01/11 Court rules that Cheated-On Husband Can’t Sue Over Paternity Fraud
“We don’t believe that the court gave fair consideration to our arguments. The court’s decision essentially sanctions and rewards this type of inappropriate behavior.”

16/02/11 Fathers demand mandatory paternity testing
A men's rights group has called for mandatory paternity testing of all babies after government figures revealed almost 600 instances of men compelled to financially support children they did not father.
In the overwhelming majority of these cases, the courts have not forced mothers to pay back the money they have received.

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