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Pay Gap

12/04/02 The Wage Gap Myth
Rather than being "funneled" into low-wage, low-prestige and part-time positions, women often choose these occupations because of the flexibility they offer.

16/03/05 Women 'opt out' of career success
Highly qualified women are dropping out of promising careers in far larger numbers than their male counterparts.

27/05/05 Is the Wage Gap Women's Choice?
Suppose you're an employer doing the hiring. If a woman does equal work for 25 percent less money, why would any employer ever hire a man?

July-August 2005 Letter by Warren Farrell to Harvard Business Review
There are now some 80 fields in which women outearn men ... even though they spend fewer hours in the workplace and travel less for business.

03/08/07 For Young Earners in Big City, a Gap in Women’s Favor
Women of all educational levels from 21 to 30 living in New York City and working full time made 117 percent of men’s wages, and even more in Dallas, 120 percent.

07/11/07 Female U.S. corporate directors out-earn men: study
Female directors in corporate America earned median compensation of $120,000, based on the most recently available pay data, compared with $104,375 for male board members.

06/03/08 ‘Sea change’ seen in spouses’ financial roles
In the new dynamics of home economics, it’s not just that men want women to contribute financially to a marriage: The vast majority of men say they wouldn't even mind if their wives brought home the bigger paycheck.
One quarter of men surveyed said that their wives aren’t working, but 40 percent of those men wish she did. Of the approximately 75 percent of men whose wives did work, only 5 percent wished she was at home.

12/01/09 An Analysis of Reasons for the Disparity
in Wages Between Men and Women

The raw wage gap continues to be used in misleading ways to advance public policy agendas without fully explaining the reasons behind the gap ... the differences in raw wages may be almost entirely the result of the individual choices being made by both male and female workers.
- A 93 page report by CONSAD Research Corp for the U.S. Department of Labor.

05/10/09 The Myth of the “Glass Ceiling” - Novaseeker
The reason why women are outnumbered by men at the top of the organization is due primarily to lifestyle choices made by most women.

23/02/10 Gender pay gap is not what activists claim
The collective report by the labour and activist groups does not use dollar per hour compensation to show that women earn less than men, they use total year compensation. It is easy to understand why the group uses this formula, it will always show that women are being discriminated against while the other formula is showing improvements. A quick look at Stats Canada's monthly Labour Force Survey shows one reason why men make more money than women; they work more hours. While this may not justify a difference in hourly wages, it would justify a difference in year end compensation.

12/05/10 Women CEOs Beat Men in Pay in 2009
While male CEOs took pay cuts, women got raises averaging nearly 30 percent.

20/08/10 Sorry ladies, I'm not worried about wage gaps
I am society, and I don't want to reimburse women for that. I don't even want to reimburse well-educated and well-qualified women for not being smart enough to raise their own pay by their own arguments.

18/09/10 The Wage Gap Myth - Anthony Kang
Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle, "strong" and "independent" feminists like to say. How any group so helplessly dependent on the patriarchal teat of Uncle Sam can claim to be "strong" and "independent" is laughable at best. As the wage gap myth clearly demonstrates, the biggest irony of it all is the fact that modern-day feminists are the very antithesis.

21/09/10 Fair Pay Isn’t Always Equal Pay - Christina Hoff Sommers
A recent survey found that young, childless, single urban women earn 8 percent more than their male counterparts, mostly because more of them earn college degrees.

29/09/10 Women In Tech Make More Money And Land Better Jobs Than Men
91% of males who are computer science majors and find jobs within six months of graduation earn an average starting salary of $60K. In contrast, 95% of women who find jobs within that same time frame are paid an average salary of $62K.

21/10/10 Let’s Be Real About The Lack Of Women In Tech
Women are concerned about the lack of female entrepreneurs. Men have been fighting back, telling us to just shut up and start companies. And a lot of women agree with them, especially ones that are already successful.

27/10/10 Women stay away from math out of their own free choice
When you look at surveys of adolescent boys and girls and you say to them, 'What do you want to be when you grow up,' you never see girls saying, 'I want to be a physicist or an engineer.'

09/12/10 Women in their twenties smash glass ceiling to reverse pay gap
British women in their twenties have smashed the glass ceiling and are now being paid more than their male counterparts.

20/12/10 Women can't have it all: Female academic says those with top jobs only end up with 'nominal families'
After 30, women gradually earn less than men. The age at which pay rates diverge between the sexes is the same at which most women start to have families.
The pay gap has not disappeared because women have chosen the jobs and careers they want rather than those that feminists – and politicians sympathetic to feminist arguments – believe they should have.

04/01/11 Women 'want rich husbands, not careers': New survey claims drive for gender equality is a myth
Despite years of equality campaigning, more women are choosing to marry wealthy men than in the 1940s.
Dr Hakim also accuses feminists of peddling a string of myths and manufacturing ‘political ammunition for a war that has ended. Women today have more choices than men, including real choices between a focus on family work and/or paid employment.’
10/01/11 What women really want
Financial dependence on a man has lost none of its attractions after the equal opportunities revolution.

07/02/11 Women In Science: No Discrimination, Says Cornell Study
As the 21st century unfolds, if even one woman does not get a job, there will be claims of discrimination. And some will believe discrimination occurs institutionally despite the evidence, and insist any action by individuals is proof of sexism.

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