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Female Violence

Wikipedia: Female serial killers

28/08/07 Have You Ever Beat Up A Boyfriend? Cause, Uh, We Have
Feminist website Jezebel gloats over the domestic violence that its writers have inflicted on men:
"we decided to conduct an informal survey of the Jezebels to see who's gotten violent with their men. After reviewing the answers, let's just say that it'd be wise to never ever fuck with us."
Also, definitely check out the comments following the piece.
"I think sometimes women take advantage of the fact that most men KNOW they'd better not hit a woman, because the consequences are (rightfully) dire."

18/08/09 Girl aged 17 knifes 30 men to death
The girl - too young even to be named - said she began targeting men in her home city of Sao Paulo, Brazil "for money, revenge and to bring justice".
18/08/09 Brazilian serial killer 17-year-old girl latest details
Apparently she wanted to confess before turning 18 so she is tried as a minor.

20/10/09 Shocking CCTV images of girl gang kicking a male victim in drunken attack which left him with footprint on his face
The women targeted Matthew Campbell, 38, at random, kicking and stamping on him as he lay prone on the pavement.
Mr Campbell, a commercial diver, told yesterday how he restrained himself from hitting back because he has never struck a woman before. The video clearly shows him holding his hands up pleading with the women to stop, but a court heard they acted like a 'pack of dogs' to pursue their prey.

22/10/09 Age of the thug: Violent crime by women goes up 80% under Labour
The number of women found guilty of murder, vicious assault and other attacks has risen by 81 per cent since 1998.

09/12/09 Woman Tried To Cut Out Unborn Baby
A spokeswoman for Prince George's County police said: "She bound the victim's hands and proceeded to try to cut the victim's abdomen to try to get the baby out." She said she carried out the attack using a box cutter and some razor blades.

12/01/10 Japanese Woman Drove Home With Body Of Pensioner Lodged In Windscreen
A Japanese woman has been arrested after driving for four miles with the body of an 80-year-old pensioner lodged in her car windscreen.

03/03/10 Woman charged with killing husband is lobbyist
A 45-year-old woman, charged with ending a domestic dispute by killing her 26-year-old husband of five days, is a registered lobbyist for a group fighting domestic violence.

15/06/10 Boise woman charged with felony aggravated battery after domestic dispute
Police say a Boise woman was arrested on aggravated battery charges after she struck an adult male with a cane during a domestic dispute. The man had injuries on his arms and upper body.

01/12/10 Lib Dem campaigner for battered women beat up her Tory husband after suspecting he was having an affair
The mother-of-five called Mr James a 'b*****d' and rained down several blows on him before storming out.

03/12/10 Nurse guilty of raping another woman in Brisbane hotel toilets
A District Court jury in Brisbane took 13 hours to convict Anne-Marie O'Loughlin, 25, on two counts of digital rape and one of deprivation of liberty at the Caxton Hotel, near the CBD, on November 29 last year.

07/12/10 Facebook rage: Woman fed up with boyfriend's constant use smashed laptop with a broom
A woman was so fed-up with her boyfriend's Facebook obsession that she smashed his laptop with her broomstick. The incident sparked a row which led to Mr Yates, 32, being convicted of assault.

10/12/10 Former beauty queen jailed for arranging to have her ex-boyfriend kidnapped and tortured
A former beauty queen accused of orchestrating the kidnapping and torturing of her ex-boyfriend has been jailed. He was beaten, cut with a knife and held at gunpoint for hours until he was able to escape.

14/12/10 I still love him, 'child killer' tells trial of boyfriend on paedophile charges
What she failed to explain was that shortly after Smith was arrested on child sex charges last May, she was in a Costa Brava hotel room with the little girl and her baby brother lying dead on the bed beside her.

15/12/10 Bupa care home staff tormented dementia victims and recorded their 'despicable' acts on their mobile phones
"Your job was to provide them with a dignified level of care in the last years of their lives. With these despicable acts of abuse you stripped Mr Costigan and Mrs Askham of their dignity for your own amusement and gratification."

16/12/10 Public schoolgirl jailed for deadly attack on gay civil servant
The court heard that Ruby Thomas screamed "f****** faggots" at the victim and his friend Philip Brown.
One witness saw Thomas stamp on his stomach and kick him in the head while saying "dickhead" and "f*** you" while another noticed that she was smiling.
17/12/10 Public schoolgirl who turned killer: Drunk teen's homophobic attack on stranger in Trafalgar Square
The next day Thomas, who had attended the £12,000-a-year Sydenham High School For Girls, bragged about her argument ‘with some ****’ on Facebook. She joked about his death, writing ‘ha, ha, ha’ in a message to a friend asking about the killing.
27/01/11 Former private school girl who stamped gay man to death in homophobic attack to serve just 2.5 years
A former private schoolgirl who stamped a gay civil servant to death in Trafalgar Square will spend just two-and-a-half years behind bars.

19/12/10 Murder inquiry as girl aged four found dead in London
A mother has been arrested after a four year old girl was found stabbed to death with her heart and other organs cut out and strewn around her flat.

27/12/10 Girl gang's grip on London underworld revealed - not a new phenomenon
Girl gangs might sound like a modern British problem, but new research has revealed an all-female crime syndicate had a firm and pitiless grip on London as far back as the 18th century.

28/12/10 Mother gives birth in airport toilet, strangles the baby, dumps its corpse in a bin... then catches flight out
A woman gave birth in an airport toilet before strangling the newborn baby and dumping its tiny corpse in a rubbish bin.
The woman allegedly severed the baby boy's umbilical cord with her bare hands and strangled him with a cloth before dumping him.

28/12/10 'Amorous' Darwin woman attacks taxi after driver rejects offer of sex
A woman jumped into a cab in Darwin, Australia, suggested to the driver that they have sex and when he declined, started kicking the car and then threw a bottle though the rear window.

06/01/11 Care workers who tormented elderly women with Green Goblin glove puppet banned from profession for life
"The ladies were vulnerable with little understanding and we say were known by these defendants to lack mental capacity and so were easy targets. They bullied, victimised, belittled and scared them, just for the fun of it."

08/01/11 CCTV Shows Mum Drop Girl On Train Track
The moment a mother lowered her daughter onto a rail track in front of a train has been caught on CCTV.

10/01/11 'Attack a Teacher Day': Six schoolgirls aged 12 and 13 arrested for encouraging friends to sign up to group on Facebook
One was accused of sending out messages asking 100 classmates on the social networking site to target teachers. Police questioned the other five girls over specific online threats they made against particular teachers.
One student used the word 'die' before a teacher's name, while others wrote that they would 'attack' certain teachers.

10/01/11 You should have seen the other guy! Er, actually, the other guy who did this was a woman
With black eyes, scratches and plasters over his face, Gregory Williamson looks as though he tangled with the wrong guy. But actually, the other guy was in fact his former girlfriend who gave him a beating. And just to complete his woes, the 26-year-old has now faces a series of charges.

10/01/11 Saudi woman jailed for abusing Indonesian maid Sumiati
The woman for whom she found work as a maid was arrested after allegedly beating Ms Sumiati so severely she had broken bones and internal bleeding. She was accused of putting a hot iron to Ms Sumiati's head and stabbing and mutilating her with scissors.

12/01/11 Girlfriend 'sets lover's genitals on fire because she suspected he was cheating'
When police arrived they found Williams with second and third degree burns to his genital area and stomach.
Note the flippant tone of the piece: "A jealous girlfriend took her 'burning love' for her boyfriend a step too far by allegedly setting his private parts on fire."
Presenting male genital mutilation as funny = misandry.

13/01/11 Caught on camera: 81-year-old woman suffers broken shoulder after female robber 'bodyslammed' her to the floor
An elderly woman suffered a fractured shoulder after she was thrown to the ground in a subway station by a female robber.

13/01/11 Nurse 'punched dying patient who walked with a Zimmer frame'
A nurse punched a frail patient who walked with the aid of a Zimmer frame and was in the last stages of life, a hearing was told. Emma Trubody, 36, is said to have thumped the 46-year-old man who began to cry before telling him his 'crocodile tears' would not help.

14/01/11 The schoolgirls arrested 'for cyberbullying their former friend with a fake Facebook page'
Taylor Wynn, 15, and McKenzie Barker, 16, are said to have doctored photographs of their victim so that she appeared naked in a series of degrading poses.

14/01/11 Blinded by liquid eye liner and burnt with cigarettes, the horrific injuries of victim, 17, tortured by girl gang leader
'You can see the marks of her shoes on the victim’s cheeks and she also kicked her in the head. She told her she was worthless and stubbed a cigarette near her eye and on her hand. She made her headbutt a metal bench for the pleasure of the crew around her and police later found a text sent by one of the bystanders which read ‘Beens mashed up a girl. Lots of laughs. It was wonderful’. Rowe became involved and liquid eye liner was poured into the victim’s eyes, giving her the impression she was being blinded. Rowe kicked her between the legs and she and Barber walked up and down on her stomach before the attack came to an end for the prosaic reason that Barber had another appointment to keep.'

11/02/11 Jail for jealous girlfriend who bit off partner's ear - before her dog ate it
Violent June Thomson, 44, attacked her former partner Trevor Wainman, 45, in a jealous rage after a barmaid bought him a drink for his birthday. Thomson, of Hull, East Yorks., punched him in the face and gouged at his eye before lunging at him and biting off part of his left ear.
She has previous convictions for assaulting a police officer and smearing excrement in a woman's face.

11/02/11 Woman 'drugged partner, cut off his penis'
Jian Chen, 47, waited for her former boyfriend Xian Peng, 48, to fall asleep before stabbing him a number of times in the jaw and leg and severing his penis.

05/03/11 Woman charged with animal cruelty for stomping on puppy
Witnesses claim that the woman repeatedly punched, kicked and stomped on her puppy while waiting in line at a low-cost vaccination clinic.

05/03/11 Bad girls: An investigation into a new breed of young women every bit as alienated, violent and brutally sexualised as the worst male yob
While criminal offences by young men have fallen, those committed by girls aged 10 to 17 have increased by 25 per cent over the past three years. Worse still, their violent offences have gone up by a staggering 50 per cent. In 2008, more than half a million assaults were either carried out by women or involved a female in a gang. In the same year, there were nearly 300 attacks a week carried out by girls under 18.

Resources for victimised men

13/01/11 Inside Britain's first refuge for MALE victims of domestic violence
'People don't think men suffer, but we do. At first I didn't speak about the violence because of the stigma.'
There are 4,000 refuge places for women in Britain, and only 20 for men, most of them at this centre run by the Montgomery ­Family Crisis Centre.
‘Everything is stacked against men,’ Shirley says, pointing out that if men report abuse they can be arrested themselves on suspicion of being the perpetrator.
Female ­violent crime is at record levels. Latest official ­statistics show 88,139 women were arrested for ­violence in Britain in 2009 — nearly 250 every day. That’s an increase of nearly 1,000 on 2008. In the same period, the number of men arrested for ­violence fell by 10,000.

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