Sunday, January 2, 2011

Education Gap

United Kingdom

16/12/10 Half of boys, age five, 'struggling in basics'
Some 53.1% of boys this age are struggling with skills such as reading and writing, and emotional and social development.
In comparison, 34.9% of girls are failing to reach this target - a gender gap of 18.2 percentage points.

17/12/10 One in 11 boys leaves primary school 'unable to read'
Dylan William, professor of education at the Institute of Education, said it could be very hard for children struggling with their reading to catch up.
Secondary school teachers are not used to teaching children who cannot read properly, because the syllabus is based on textbooks.

11/02/11 Half of boys failing at school by five
"It all starts at the beginning of life and works through the life course. This is horrendous really."

United States

15/10/09 It Starts in Preschool Now - W. F. Price
I think it should be pretty clear why boys are having a harder time in schools these days. Their mental development is being stunted by an ideology that is hostile to the spontaneous expressions of their growing brains.

18/10/09 Another Incentive for Women to Ditch their Husbands, Courtesy of Obama This Time
Is it really any wonder why there are more women than men graduating from college? It is because women get incentives and support, and men do not.

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