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Feminist Jurisprudence

Feminist Jurisprudence

Critical Criminology - Feminist Theories
Based on the work of Marx, Hartsock suggests that the view of the world from womanhood is a ‘truer’ vision than that from the viewpoint of man.
Perhaps the most damning criticism of feminism and of certain stripes of radical feminism in particular is that, in some aspects of western societies, it has itself become the dominant interest group with powers to criminalize masculinity.

Standpoint Feminism
Standpoint Feminism is founded in Marxist ideology. Standpoint feminism makes the case that because women's lives and roles in almost all societies are significantly different from men's; women hold a different type of knowledge. Their location as a subordinated group allows women to see and understand the world in ways that are different from and challenging to the existing male-biased conventional wisdom.

18/04/09 Feminist scholar's new book proposes most dangerous idea ever: turn sex into a presumed crime when a woman cries 'rape' - False Rape Society
Among other things, she lays out an elaborate legislative scheme to reverse the presumption of consent for rape. Most rapes are of the acquaintance variety, and consent often is the sole issue in dispute in a rape trial. Under this professor's plan, if a woman alleges rape, nonconsent would be presumed, and the man would be required to show by a preponderance of the evidence that the act was consensual.
This feminist scholar wants to turn the most fundamental act of love, the act of procreation, that has been performed countless times every minute of every day of every year since the beginning of time the world over -- into a presumed crime. And that's not hyperbole -- that's the effect of what she's proposing.

16/01/10 Put Them in a Pipe and Smoke Them! - Fidelbogen
"Feminist jurisprudence claims that patriarchy (the system of interconnected relations and institutions that oppress women) infuses the legal system and all its workings, and that this is an unacceptable state of affairs. Consequently, feminist jurisprudence is not politically neutral, but a normative approach."

11/09/10 Judges told: 'be more lenient to women criminals'
Judges in the United Kingdom have been told to deal less severely with female criminals than men when determining how to sentence them.

12/09/10 British High Court Dame Orders Lower Sentences for Women - W. F. Price
Dame Laura Cox, a British High Court Judge, commanded her inferiors – Britain’s judges – to treat female criminals leniently when handing out sentences. It is not clear whether keeping female criminals out of prison is her only goal — reducing punishments is usually a way to give a sort of tacit approval to acts, in this case crimes committed by women.

28/10/10 They Wish to Pass More Anti-Male Laws - Fidelbogen
Why is violence against women in particular so commonly singled out from among all other forms of violence? Why has violence against one arbitrarily chosen class of people been boosted to such a peculiar and dizzily exaggerated altitude of public importance?
We might compare the field of human violence to a terrain with mountains and lowlands. Violence against men would compose the Alpine, Andean and Himalayan heights -- which peak and spike! Violence against women, by contrast, would be like unto the Coast Range of Oregon.

08/12/10 Great Comment on the Swedish (in)Justice System - Schopenbecq
The Swedish government are jailing men for violence or sex crimes against women and children without any proof at all. One member of the supreme court has stated publicly that “If we can keep the number of innocent that are convicted under 500 a year, we should be happy”.

13/12/10 New prison guidelines in the UK
New guidelines include a ban on naked searches for all women inmates (but not men).

16/12/10 Selections from the Indian Penal Code - Uma Challa
"Whoever, intending to insult the modesty of any woman, utters any word, makes any sound or gesture, or exhibits any object, intending that such word or sound shall be heard, or that such gesture or object shall be seen by such woman, or intrudes upon the privacy of such woman, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both", reads Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code.


13/10/06 Frenchwoman 'killed her babies'
The bodies of two of Veronique Courjault's babies were found in a freezer at her home in South Korea, where she had lived with her husband. She said she disposed the body of the first child by burning it in the fireplace of her home.
19/06/09 Mercy for mother who burnt one baby and froze two others after killing them
She escaped a life sentence ... the relatively light sentence reflected hesitation in French society over whether to consider Véronique Courjault a monster or the victim of her mental fault lines. "I have no doubt about Véronique’s potential as a wife and as a mother. We must free that potential."
(Yes, even child-murdering women must be liberated! Just sickening, isn't it?)

07/12/10 Bigamist bride walks free from court after pocketing £5,000 to marry two illegal immigrants in three months
Despite being earlier warned she faced jail, a judge yesterday handed her a suspended sentence after reports claimed she was ‘vulnerable’ and would be ‘unable to cope with prison.’

10/12/10 Model, 22, who helped fraudsters steal £25,000 to help pay off her student loans is spared jail
"A prison sentence is unavoidable and I cannot avoid one today. However in the circumstances I am prepared exceptionally to suspend the operation of that sentence."

11/12/10 The seduction of Billy Elliot: A 27-year-old facing jail for abducting her star pupil, a 15-year-old boy
It is Pirie’s victim who has endured far greater trauma thanks to the events of the past two years. Now 17, he chose to waive the anonymity afforded by the law so he could voice his anger at the decision to shelve the sex charges.
He believes that had the roles been reversed — had the teacher been male and the underage pupil, female — there would have been a very ­different outcome.
‘I think it should have gone to trial,’ he said. ‘If it had been the other way round, the sex charges wouldn’t have been dropped, but society sees this in a different way.’

13/12/10 Australia water polo player guilty of murdering infant daughter
Mark Tedeschi, QC, the senior crown prosecutor, claimed Lane had killed the child because she feared the baby would dent her "golden girl" reputation and "undoubtedly put a dent in her overriding sporting ambitions." Ms Lane also had "a very active social and sex life" that she wanted to preserve, he said.
Justice Whealy said he had "great sympathy" for Lane.

17/12/10 Young mother hid stillborn baby's body under a bed, in a wardrobe and a wheelie bin for FOUR MONTHS after secret pregnancy
A 'distressed' young mother who hid her dead baby girl's body in different locations around her house for four months after a secret pregnancy has been spared jail.

12/01/11 Briton convicted for throwing snowball
A British court on Wednesday convicted a man of assault and placed him under a two-week curfew for throwing a snowball at a female police officer.

27/01/11 Former private school girl who stamped gay man to death in homophobic attack to serve just 2.5 years
A former private schoolgirl who stamped a gay civil servant to death in Trafalgar Square will spend just two-and-a-half years behind bars.
The court heard that Ruby Thomas screamed "f****** faggots" at the victim and his friend Philip Brown.
One witness saw Thomas stamp on his stomach and kick him in the head while saying "dickhead" and "f*** you" while another noticed that she was smiling.
... She joked about his death, writing ‘ha, ha, ha’ in a message to a friend asking about the killing.

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